View Full Version : Telstra Next G on Sony Ericsson?

16-06-09, 06:49
Hey guys,
So I bought a Sony Ericsson W910i, on optus. Its now unlocked and i can use it on any network.

But with my telstra sim card it only picks up the standard network? In the "preffered network" option there is a "3telstra" option, but when selected i dont get any reception.

I live in a full next g capable area, with my Telstra F156, i get full next g recpetion everywhere, expecially at school because were in the bush and theres a next g tower nearby, but normal netowkr doesent work at all.

Is there a way i can use my sony ericcson w910i on the telstra next g network?

16-06-09, 06:53
IMO you should start with calling their customer support and asking questions there first.
The problem may be due to your SIM card or account.

How many networks does it detect anyway?

16-06-09, 06:56
Ill give telstra a ring, it picks up vodafone, optus etc's 3g networks, telstras normal network, but not their next g service?

16-06-09, 07:06
^ Must be your SIM/account related then?

16-06-09, 11:32
After a hopeless man on the phone trying to activate my account or something wich I clearly didnt want, I did some research.

Turns out that W910i's dont have HSPDA 850 mhz support (wich is telstras 3g network). Only a select number of phones that telstra sell support the network, other then that vodafone, optus etc use normal 3g networks that anyone can pick up.

I guess they did it so you have to purchase their phones?
Ill just have to bring my ZTE F156 to school. :o