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16-06-09, 19:57
hey all on pc tr3 a of laura croft, sometimes when i use crtl and alt together it throws my game into a scramble screen then i have to shut off computor reboot and reset my resolution setting on my desktop and rotate it too normal. i downloaded all patches for it. anyone have a idea on what i can do. it does it every so often while playing a game , and certain areas does it all the time. thanks bob:)

16-06-09, 20:06
I used to have that problem, due to an Intel graphics card. If you have one of those, try this.

Right click on desktop > properties > settings > Look for the Intel graphic tab

There go to screen settings or something like that, my PC is in spanish, so I donīt know how it says in english :o

There you can rotate the screen, or deactivate that function :)

I hope this helps you :D

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17-06-09, 01:13
No problem :hug:

17-06-09, 07:19
BTW, she's Lara Croft, not Laura Croft (well... at least in Classics she was :mis: )