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God Horus
16-06-09, 20:15

So I bought a new LG Chocolate GiG today. It works perfect, and I took some pictures and I wanted to copy them over to my computer and I also wanted to put some music on it.

I plugged in the USB wire and nothing came up. So I tried turning the phone on and off and a window for the USB device came up, and I looked at it and it said "One of the USB devices attached to this computer has malfunctioned, and Windows does not recognize it".

In the instructions it said that you will be able to drag and drop things onto it as soon as you plug it in. The guy at the store said it will work like a normal USB device, and it will work normally as soon as I plug it in.

What should I do? I pushed the troubleshoot button and got "try reconnecting the device. If that does not work, replace it".

16-06-09, 21:22
^^ have you plugged your phone directly to a USB port on your computer
or have you plugged it to a USB-hub connected to your computer.
some devices act really strange if they aren't plugged directly to a computer.

16-06-09, 23:57
I'm pretty sure you need to install drivers. windows doesnt recognize the mass storage device on your phone until you do.

are you with Telus or Verizon (the only ones listed as offering that model)?
is it CDMA or GSM?
if CDMA, try using bitpim (www.bitpim.org)
if GSM, sorry I can't help without pointing you at dangerous hacking tools.

or.. you can always remove the storage card and load it up into a card reader ;)

17-06-09, 00:13
My phones wierd in that it likes the cable plugged into it before the cable goes into the PC port if you get me. Try varying combinations of that and if that fails you can do as spike says, just put the memory card from the phone into the pc. The only snag with that is that some phones have wacky places where the memory card lives (under the battery for example) which makes a major ball ache to take it out everytime.

17-06-09, 04:54
mine is like that (card under the battery) but oh well. not like it needs to be on at all times. anyhow.. I think LG is sane about their placement of memory card slots.

17-06-09, 07:25
Install drivers and necessary software (some kind of phone data manager) from supplementary CD. Some phones won't allow access to memory card w/o that software, even if drivers are installed (e.g. Nokia).

God Horus
17-06-09, 16:20
I don't have a CD.

And I am with Telus.

I will try BitPim! I was on Yahoo Answers and someone else there told me to try BitPim too.

EDIT - BitPim does not work. It does not detect my phone! :(

18-06-09, 01:14
according to the verizon manual i looked up though, it says that it is supposed to automatically be detected. i can hardly see how though unless the hardward is just like any old flash drive. I'm not thoroughly convinced that it should act like that without drivers. FYI BitPim will not work unless the OS recognizes the phone.

take a look at CPF or HoFo by searching for your phone model, see if any other users have come across the same issue.

here.... done some digging around and found the drivers for the Chocolate 3 (LG VX 8560) on the verizon website. you can try those: http://www.vzam.net/vcastmusic/Step2.aspx?manufacturerID=1

if those don't work (which I dont see why they wont as the hardware is just the same, only different firmware) then try lookin on the telus site (but I could not find them there).

God Horus
06-07-09, 17:55
Sorry to bump but I spent the past few weeks looking for drivers, and I have downloaded quite a few, nothing seems to work! I am really frustrated and this is a music phone and I can't even get a USB connection to properly work!!! :(

But now when I plug it into my computer, the safely remove hardware icon appears at the bottom of the screen, but when I go to it, the list of hardware devices if empty.