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17-06-09, 20:45
Hey can anyone help me with a little problem i've been having? My music has random voluime levels on most of the music and I was wondering if there was a app to make all my audio files the same volume? Also I want to make them all the same bitrate so any help would be awesome.

18-06-09, 01:10
clicky (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/)

18-06-09, 18:41
I was looking for something more for doing loads of files all at once.

19-06-09, 02:28
well I havent used any that have a batch process tool, but I'm sure if you google "batch process audio volume adjustment" that you may stumble across a thing or two.

but here's the thing, even though there are tools that can batch process a normalization all that will do is increase the whole thing upwards, not just pieces. I'm sure if you want to increase volume of different segments of your audio, you'll need to adjust it manually with your hand and ear.

19-06-09, 05:19
^ About batch processing - AFAIK Sound Forge can do this :)

19-06-09, 05:38
Audacity actually does support batch processing too.

For the problem you're having, go to File->Edit Chain.
Then click on Add. Name your new chain.
Then click on Insert. Choose your effects. In this case, I believe that leveller (decreases difference between loud and soft parts) and normalizer (will let you set a peak amplitude) will work well, but you may need to experiment with the different options on a sample song first, so you can achieve your desired results. You may need to load up the graphical menus for each effect so you know what to punch into the options field for each effect in your chain.
Once you've added the effects that you need, press Ok. Then go to File->Apply Chain. Then select Apply to Files and select the files you would like to change.
Wait for the process to finish.

As I said before, I'd try out the effects on a few songs before you change the whole batch, because it will be much harder to try to fix an entire collection than a few songs.http://i44.************/2s9b21f.jpg

19-06-09, 10:15
Thanks dudes :D