View Full Version : MS Bathing Suit

19-06-09, 11:19
Hi all, I wondered if you could help me on the Mediterranean Sea level please?

I stuck Underworld on earlier and noticed that you can now select a new outfit called Bathing Suit.

It was only a few of weeks ago that I downloaded the Trophy system and I wondered is it to do with that?

Many thanks.

Scott :)

19-06-09, 11:26
No its to do with finishing the game and playing in Treasure Hunt mode, its always been there. Or do you mean you can actually choose it now when you start a new game, which would be something new.

19-06-09, 12:50
Thanks for replying. :tmb:

It came up through the Treasure Hunt mode. I completed the game at Christmas and have since been on it quite a few times and I haven't seen it before!

Sorry that it has already been addressed. I was quite excited by it when it showed up lol. I thought CD did something extra nice for PS3 users using the update of the Trophy system lol.

Never mind...