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20-06-09, 23:28
OK well I searched the forums and I haven't found anything but if I didn't search well enough then just kindly redirect me to the thread. :)
Well I'm replaying the game to get the trophies, I'm at The Midgard Serpent.
At the beginning of the level you must go through a bunch of turns and then over 3 ramps (it may be two I'm not sure). When I get to the first ramp it isn't raised and it usually is. I can't get passed the level so that kinda sucks.
So I tried to download a save game and when I went to load the game I got this error message saying basically the save game cant load because it belongs to another user. Ive looked all over the internet and I cant find any solutions. I really dont want to have to start the game over from the beginning so if anybody has any solutions than I'd really appreciate it. Thanks in advanced. :):D

20-06-09, 23:39
A PS3 user here :)
Try Stella's saves:
CLICKY (http://www.tombraiders.net/stella/savegame/TR8saves.html#trups3) :)

21-06-09, 00:32
That's actually where I got the save game. :confused: