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21-06-09, 15:21

I would like my website to have sliding posts preview so that my readers donīt have to scroll through latest chunks of text in order to find something that interests them. Iīm using wordpress and Iīm looking for a way / plugin so that I could use it. I searched through hundreds of plugins but couldnīt find any...

Visit www.retroslashers.net for exaple of what I mean. That site is wordpress based and the preview slider is not part of the original theme... I tried to contact them but they never answered.


Thanks for any kind of help in advance :).

Legend Killer
21-06-09, 17:06
What you're looking for is the JonDesign Smooth Gallery (http://smoothgallery.jondesign.net/what/). I also came across this WordPress Plugin (http://www.christianschenk.org/projects/wordpress-smoothgallery-plugin/) that may be what you need. Hope this helps. :)

21-06-09, 17:32
Thank you so much Legend Killer... :tmb: It looks like itīs exactly what I need :)

21-06-09, 21:08
or you could have perused their source code to find out how they did that. ;)