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22-06-09, 01:01
Okay I have this problem where it says at the top right of my screen while playing Left 4 Dead, "Warning: OS Pool Memory Low" I looked around a little and people said to end programs that are running in the background and I ended pretty much all of them except a minor few.

I had this problem since I got it, I fixed it stopped playing and now it does it again even though I am playing under the same conditions as when I fixed it.

I have all the setting off and on low within the game.

22-06-09, 12:01
Download diagnose.exe (http://tombraiderhub.com/download/diagnose.exe) and post the entire report here. :)

23-06-09, 05:42
^ + verify SWAP file settings: Control panel > System > Advanced settings > Performance > Virtual memory. Set it Min=Max=1.5 your RAM size. Ensure there is enough free space on the drive you're using for the SWAP file.