View Full Version : PC Tomb raider II and usb controller

22-06-09, 18:07
I have one of those Ebay Playstation USB knockoff controller and for the most part I can configure it to be perfect with TR1.

but as you know Lara can now run and has flares in TR2. so to side step on ps1 they had you hold R1 while tapping the D pad left or right. I dont see how it is possible to set it like that on PC. because you can only configure one button at a time. and as soon as you press R1. that key gets mapped right away.

I really need to get this work. I bought the Trilogy just so I could play the expansions.

23-06-09, 01:46
nevermind, I used xpadder to map all the keys and then used the right joystick for left and right side stepping.

23-06-09, 06:02
You could have used Joy2Key (http://www.tombraiderhub.com/download/jtk379en.zip) as well :)