View Full Version : Argh! An Awful Clicking sound

22-06-09, 19:35
Well, today I wanted to play a level, which I downloaded and then all of the sudden, a problem which had appeared before, started again. A clicking noice, which gets more complex by the minute. It actually stops when a tune ingame starts. But I can hear it in the menu, and if it stops and i load the game, it starts again. :(
I wanted to post this in the Technical forum, but I though maybe someone here had the same experience.

Please help. :)

22-06-09, 23:16
I've never heard of a TRLE related issue like this. It could be, but I'm pretty sure it's not. Maybe you would be better off asking this in the Tech forum.

23-06-09, 00:58
I knew it, this could only happen to me lol xD
God the sound is so annoying :( Imma try and replace some of the sounds :)
Thanks anyway!

23-06-09, 01:25
It might be one of the audio tracks isn't formatted correctly. A similar thing happened to me IIRC.

I think it happens because it is constantly trying to load and re-load the same track, and 'spitting' as a result.