View Full Version : multiple use for blutooth headset

22-06-09, 21:25
i have a ps3 that i use a jabra bt 125 blutooth headset on and everyone seems to call me on my phone when im on my ps3, its like ive sent a message to everyone saying go on call me im online but im not fussed
so what i wanna know is, if i have my blutooth headset on while using my ps3 talking on my ps3, is it possible to switch to a different blutooth channel and switch to my phone and not have people online hear me in a phone call

23-06-09, 01:12
the headset can only have one master at a time, so you would have to disconnect it from the PS3 and then sync it with the phone. that is... a slave device can only have one master at a time (as far as I know) - and a master can have up to 7 seven slaves at a time. But I don't think its possible to make the headset be the master, and there is no feasible method of getting it to switch to a different slave. not that I'm aware of.

23-06-09, 05:59
^ And right you are. To reconnect the headset to another signal source you must indeed disconnect it from the previous one, then resync with desired one.