View Full Version : [Help] TR - Legend SUD?SUV? That editor :P

22-06-09, 21:50
Hey there raiders!

Well I guess transfering my files from my 7 year old desktop to my new laptop didn't go as smooth as I would have liked it to.

There was this free software, an editor developped by one or more fellas, which was like a Tomb Raider Legend launcher, where you start off with the model or costume you wanted (all unlocked), the level you wanted, and some other crazy options.

Anyone knows where I can find it?
Or should I say: link plox? :( lmao

Thanks in advance!
Kind regards,
~ Alex

22-06-09, 21:55
You mean the SCU? You can download it here (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showpost.php?p=1147187&postcount=1) (the second link works).

22-06-09, 21:57
Here it is. :)


Edit: Woops, got beaten to it. Enabled quick reply and then searched for it. :p

23-06-09, 07:52
Ahh SCU, thats the word :o gosh thanks!