View Full Version : Any good video enhancement programs?

23-06-09, 07:47
Hey there. Just a quick question. People sometimes filter and edit their videos to make them look HD or more remastered and vibrant, I've seen some on YouTube. I won't go into specifics, but when people like upload things like HD tests or when they compare old footage to enhanced ones. I don't know what programs the use, so may someone suggest a good video editing program, freeware, if possible. (Still post other software is possible.)

Thanks, P_C.

23-06-09, 07:55
hmm... dunno about any "auto enhance" software that is free - however you can use something like AVI demux to export frames into jpg and enhance them with GIMP or Photoshop (use same filters on all images for the same amount of enhancement) then reimport them into a new video file. Very long tedious process considering you'll have about 30 images per second of your video. :yik:

23-06-09, 08:47
If you want a good result, then no free and auto way for you. You must work on every frame yourself.

Photoshop or Gimp, AfterEffects, Premiere (gives you full controll + special effects), plus you probably will need some 3D rendering app (depending on content you're trying to enchance) - 3D Studio MAX, Maya... well, Metasequoia at least :)

24-06-09, 02:31
oooo... I just discovered that virtual dub can export all the frames to various formats such as TNG, BMP, JPG, PNG and will append them with numerical values so you know which is first and which is last. you can set a minimum digit number (4 is the default). i cant see an import option though, but you can use another application for that (like WMM).