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Jean Yves
23-06-09, 13:17
Hey guys, I still have a couple of problems regarding my levels and the LE:

Firstly, probably the most annoying is that certain buttons won't stay engaged for long i.e. no matter what key i assign to ACTION after a while Lara will release her grip and so I have to assign 2 ACTION buttons and hold both down when I am climbing. A similar thing happens with the LOOK button where I will be holding down LOOK (I assigned it to the A key) and Lara will suddenly decide to run forward - off a ledge and into the deadly 'Death' squares below I might add lol.

Secondly, I want to put my own audio into the game but even though I seem to follow the instructions it simply won't work. I take the audio file I want to put into the level and move it into the 'Audio' folder, delete the pre-existing audio from the 'Audio' folder and then rename my new audio file to have the same name (same number) as the file I deleted. When I load up my level however with my new audio, the title music just loops but jumps and sounds terrible. If then I delete my audio file from the folder and restore the original audio track, the level plays correctly.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I realise you will probably want one of those diagnostic reports but I don't have the application so if you need the report could you please give me a link.


P.S. I know this is off topic, but how do I download other people's games and play them - and then get back to my own levels being in the game if you know what I mean.


23-06-09, 15:07
Maybe you should just stick to the default keys. :p
I've never assigned other keys to ACTION and such so I have no idea what could be wrong here. :o

Make sure the audio is in the correct WAV format.
Windows Sound Recorder seems to do the job well. ;)

The correct WAV format for audio tracks is:
Microsoft ADPCM
44,100 kHz
4 Bit

www.trle.net is the place to go if you want to download custom levels.
Levels are conveniently labeled TOM or TR4. With the TOM type levels you'll have to convert the .tom of the custom level into playable tr4 yourself. The TR4 type levels need no converting (ecept for maybe .mp3 audio that needs to be converted to .wav) adn some levels need no installation at all because they are playable directly from the downloaded and unzipped folder.

Most builders included a readme.txt in the download to tell you how you should install the level. ;)

If you need an installed TRLE, it is best to install it a second time, so you can use one of them for your own levels and the other one for custom levels.

For easy swapping between levels that require an installed TRLE, it is also possible to use Level Manager. :D

Jean Yves
23-06-09, 15:52
Well with regards to the keys I had to change them BECAUSE the default keys would mess up, but I seem to have solved that problem by assigning these problem keys to letter keys, but any help on how to stop CTRL from failing would be great :)

Thankyou! I got the audio to work, can finally have a bit of slow jazz playing in the background lol, bit weird while running around the sewers...but oh well! Thanks for ur help.

24-06-09, 07:49
Make sure you assign the LEFT control key, not the right. It will allow you to use either one, but assign the left one.

Jean Yves
24-06-09, 17:53
Nope, it's always been the left CTRL key. It seems that if I assign a new key, that key will work fine for a day or two, but after that it starts playing up like the others (althought CTRL always messes up) I was wondering if it was something to do with my system e.g. the number of processes or whatever I have running I don't know. The only half-solution I have is to assign 2 ACTION keys and use both of them while climbing, i.e. if one dies then the other is there as a backup.

I seem to be the only person who has had problems with it :( is it my computer? or even my laptop's keyboard?

Also, another problem I have (sorry I know for the past few days I have been asking question after question but I have recently got back into the LE and am coming up against so many different problems), it doesn't matter what intensity I set for a water room (the number next to the 'W' button) the water is always flat and doesn't wave (except for one room, but my settings for this room seem no different to any of the others I have tried).


25-06-09, 07:25
Small water areas, only 1 sector, won't move. 2 sectors won't move much. Waves only work well on larger water areas.

As for the keyboard problem, have you applied the XP patch to the trle? You can get it on www.tombraiderhub.com

Jean Yves
25-06-09, 10:52
Ok, well I have water areas of about 6x8 squares that don't move, but no matter. And thanks, i'm downloading the vista patch now, hopefully it'll work!