View Full Version : The Lara Double Object

24-06-09, 16:48
Does anyone know how to get enemies to damage it? They never attack it.

24-06-09, 16:51
I don't know for sure, but is it only the HARPY slot that attacks it? If all slots are supposed to attack it, I do not know. Ckeck out the setup in cleopal.prj is all I can recommend in this case.

God Horus
24-06-09, 16:58
I am pretty sure there is a special set up to get it to attack the double. In my one room level competition entry, the harpy never attacked the double either, it just got stuck in front of a wall and kept flying.

24-06-09, 17:26
The manual doesn't mention any special setup for the LARA_DOUBLE.
So it is best to check the Cleopatra's Palaces prj, like ggctuk suggested, to see if the double needs a special OCB or something. ;)

24-06-09, 18:31
There is no special set up it seems :o.

I guess its just unworkable.

24-06-09, 22:34
PH just did it in his recent levelset, Egypt Again...Again. You could ask him how he did it.

24-06-09, 22:42
Did you look at the Cleopatra Harpies' AI settings?
It may be in the AI commands and not in the double's OCB.