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24-06-09, 18:25
Hi everyone, now i decided to making level to TR4 in Room Editor, and i have some problems... :)

My problem is with Wad and ther Slots. For example - i have many baddys who are in SAS slot. But SAS slot is only one. ( For example, key slots are 12... like key1, key2, key3, etc. ). But i have many enemies who are only in SAS slot. Can i make more SAS slots, like SAS1, SAS2, etc ?? :(

24-06-09, 18:27

What you can do is have the enemies spread out across different levels - two levels can have completely different enemies in the same slot.

24-06-09, 18:33
Hm... but is there any option to install all enemies who are on SAS slot ? I have two enemies too, who are on a Baddy slot.

24-06-09, 18:36
Well... no. Not in the same level anyway. And as for Baddy1 and Baddy 2, they must have the same mesh setup and animations. In fact, if you look at other levels from TR4 containing the BADDY_1 and BADDY_2 enemies, you'll note that BADDY_1 has a 'dummy' animation, and BADDY_2 has all the animations that are shared between the enemies.

Jean Yves
24-06-09, 23:08
Can you explain to me please the whole 'slots' thing? I dont get it. I have made my own WAD collectiong objects from other WADS but not once did I think about certain objects having to go into 'slots.' What does that mean? It could be why my second level won't trigger once the first is over.

25-06-09, 07:33
The wad slots shouldn't affect going to the next level.

There are specific, predefined slots you can place objects into. Their behavior is hard-coded in tomb4.exe. You might be able to move the enemy to a different enemy slot, but it would behave differently. It might not attack correctly or it might not die, etc. because the animations are in a different order and the states are different. When an object is designed for a specific slot, it is better to leave it in that slot.

Jean Yves
25-06-09, 10:42
Ok, that might explain why my horseman won't get on his horse xD does the same apply for static objects/puzzle objects? and how do I know what object goes in what slot other than just looking at the object list in Wad Merger?

25-06-09, 10:59
well simple really, if its a key it would go in like KEY1 and the key hole for that key would go into KEY HOLE1.
and if its a door it will go in DOOR TYPE1.
And if its a puzzle the puzzle object that lara has to find will go in PUZZLE ITEM1, the puzzle hole would be PUZZLE HOLE1 and the puzzle done object HAS to be in the wad aswell, its in slot. PUZZLE DONE1.

Hope this helps ggctuk can explain it better probably.

26-06-09, 07:23
Enemies are the main problem. They have to go in a slot with the correct states and behavior.
Doors, keys, puzzles, etc generally will work in any available slot. There are some slots with special behavior, I think switch7 and switch 8 and one of the doors maybe.
Animating objects also generally do not matter, but some of the complex puzzle setups require certain objects in certain animating slots.
Static objects don't matter. They can go in any static slot. But you probably don't want to put them in a shatter slot.

01-07-09, 08:21
I have question, is there any slot which i can put on it static spikes? I want make " spikes trick " and i need static slot withough collision for spikes. I cant put as " architecture " or other static, i dont know why... help people:hea:

01-07-09, 08:28
You can't directly put an animating into a static slot, use strpix to import the spikes mesh over an unwanted statics mesh. :)

01-07-09, 08:56
ehh i dont know, how to make it. Pls tell me step by step...

EDIT: Ok, i solved this problem, just put it into a animating slot and it works :)