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24-06-09, 19:56
hmmm okay i've got a problem...

I've made a puzzle object, and a puzzle hole thing for it. Unfortunately the puzzle hole thing must be positioned on the corner of a tile for my idea to work, but when i try to put the piece in it needs to be in the centre? is there any way to change where you need to stand to put the piece in?

Thanks for any help :)

24-06-09, 20:39
No it can be positioned in the corner, you just need to adjust the collision in Wadmerger.
And you need a Puzzle_Done of course.

25-06-09, 15:09
yeh i've got that aswell, just forgot to say.
And collision was adjusted? the colision worked fine?

25-06-09, 17:59
I re-read your first post and I think I got it wrong.
So you want a puzzle_hole in the corner but Lara should stand in the centre of the square to place the puzzle_item?

Then you just need to move the puzzle-hole to the edge of a square (pic). In LE you can rotate the puzzle_hole then 45, so it is in the corner.

25-06-09, 19:40
I could od that, but I dot think it would help. As it is, i currently have to stand on the wrong side of the puxxle hole, and in the wrong place?

The puzzle hole is placed on the ouside edge of the tile, facing inward, like your picture. But to place the peice, lara must stand on the other side, in your pictures the box above the centre one?

I dont understand, how can i change the orentation of the object, so lara can place the piece from the right direction?

25-06-09, 20:29
Then you just have to rotate it 180 in Wadmerger. If that won't work you need to rotate it in Meta.

27-06-09, 11:21
No i tried that.
Because it is meant to placed against a wall, one side is flat, and the other is not. I want her to put it in the non flat side, but she seems to only wnat to use the falt side. No matter the rotation.

27-06-09, 13:02
Then it should actually work when you rotate it in Meta.
If you want I could try to make it work. :)