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25-06-09, 21:23
Load Screen: http://www.majhost.com/gallery/hotoka/banner/load.bmp

After reconstructing the Man of Bronze, (for those of you that have read the books) Father Emil asks if Lara could investigate an area in Alaska. He tells Lara that a group of religious monks have a device that is able to communicate with 'God'. Always up for adventure, Lara agrees to go check it out.


One: Arctic Animosity (Alaskan Mountains) - A level all about climbing and jumping, no puzzles -
Two: The Monastery - A level about climbing, jumping, and lots of puzzles -
Three: Escape - Vehicle level -

Two scenes from the beginning of Arctic Animosity:


25-06-09, 21:27
2) Story sounds great.
3) levels look interesting.
4) Screenshots look great
5) lighting fits horizon well. No to bright either.

All in all i say a pretty good start.

Light a Flare
25-06-09, 21:37
The story and levels sound fun. I like snow and monastery levels, so this is quite exciting. :D

The screens look great - keep up the good work! :tmb:


25-06-09, 21:38
Thanks :) And glad you like the banner, I'm quite pleased with it, as simple as it is. Story will need some tweaking though, haha.

Thanks Light A Flare :)

God Horus
25-06-09, 21:56
I love the title! And the screenshot looks great, keep it up! :tmb:

25-06-09, 21:59
Thanks Horus!

26-06-09, 04:01
Anyone interested in being a voice actress? :)

26-06-09, 05:27
I wouldn't mind being a voice actor. For who LARA:p?

26-06-09, 06:42
Everything looks very good...:D:D

26-06-09, 14:32
Yes PullingApart, Lara. And thanks for the positive feedback guys. Im being forced to link my images as they are too big, haha.

26-06-09, 14:40
I wouldn't mind playing Lara

27-06-09, 10:49
There is a resize function on ************ if you upload your images on there. :)

Click the "Message Boards" resize on the drop down menu then click upload. Just copy and paste the "Message Boards and Forums" code into your post on here and your image will be included, not stretching the screen :)

Looks excellent so far by the way! :tmb:

27-06-09, 12:43
I've never understood why people post a list of levels from their upcoming game. Surely such things would be better kept as a surprise?

27-06-09, 16:52
Thanks Phys, I'll upload to tinypic later.

@Squid: Meh, level names don't give a whole lot away :P

27-06-09, 17:34
Editor Screen:

27-06-09, 17:42
^looks nice and big:)

I can't remember the last time I made natural geometrey in the editor:p

I have been building lots of buildings:p

maybe add some enemies in there, and the lighting looks good:)

27-06-09, 17:49
Thanks. The level is going to be like a massive maze of mountain hallways and corridors branching off into more.

And yes, there will be wolves :) I dont like using enemies frequently. I believe they should be like a reward for a job well done :)

04-07-09, 16:49
I still need a voice actress....

04-07-09, 16:56
A little bit of forshadowing:


And yay, I made/edited my first texture in that screen (Cross)

PS. Sorry that it is stretched, I have a large screen ^_^ I apologize!

04-07-09, 18:04
Looks very good ;):)

04-07-09, 18:05
It Looks amazing!

04-07-09, 18:57
Thanks guys! :) I'm having a hell of a time with texturing the mountain geometry. The way some of it is, it makes it impossible to line up the textures, making some of it look wonky. As well, The base of my horizon is visible in places, and im not sure what to do about that...

:( I hate doing these mountains. I'm going to have to cut this level short, or change it half way through.

10-07-09, 20:08
I'm thinking of twisting this into an India based level... I have no motivation for arctic levels....

The story will stay similar, but with the indian god Shiva... Hmmm.... I always wanted India to be my debut level....

Any ideas?

10-07-09, 22:51
Ive decided to stick with what I'm doing :)