View Full Version : Problem with soundsamples

26-06-09, 11:46
I saved some sounds from Tombraider2 using "Soundjack" by .wav , using cool96 i converted it to the correct format, renamed and replaced with original sounds from sounds/samples in trle folder and in the game i hear only old sounds... help me people :(

26-06-09, 11:50
Try to run pcwadsfx at the LevelSFX Creator folder and the rebuild your level :D

26-06-09, 11:57
I turned on this pcwadsfx and i saw only blink frame. Later i turned on my level and my enemy again has always old sounds :/

26-06-09, 12:02
You need to run SFX_Example.bat, same folder.

Edit: No, stupid me, you only need SFX_Example.bat when you changed the Sounds.txt. :o

26-06-09, 12:07
I dont know... when i download enemy with sounds from Trsearch, I have to just put it to Samples folder and it works. When i made my own sounds the same way, it dont work and i hear old sounds ( Old sounds? I repleaced old with new, how i can hear old sounds, there aren't in Samples folder... )

26-06-09, 12:17
Did you convert your level after you replaced the samples?

26-06-09, 13:04
Lol no hehe... i compiled again and it works! thanks mate :hug:

But some sounds have other pitch... they are like "flattened"

Is any way to repair it?

26-06-09, 13:31
You can change the pitch in the sounds.txt.

The sounds.txt contains all samples, there you can change the pitch, the radius, the volume and more.

To change the pitch you just need to change the number next to pit. Higher number is higher pitch and lower number is lower pitch.

But normally this is not needed because the standard values are perfect. Probably another problem you have... :confused: