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26-06-09, 15:12
Wouldn't it be cool if we could have these animations:


Would they be possible to be used in TRLE?
Cause if so we would be able to do so much more things.
Like maybe they could give us fans the right to the TRAoD Level editor.I bet so much more could be done with levels and all the next generation graphics!

What do you guys think?

But seriously, wouldn't it be cool to have more clean animations like these?

26-06-09, 15:18
of course it is possible :D All you need to do it make the animations :)

26-06-09, 21:08
Hey PullingApart, have you seen the second video of deleted animations from AoD? It's also on BaikerNoJacket's list of videos. It would be cool to have all these deleted animations. By the way, is it possible to make new animations for enemies e.g dogs in AoD were originally supposed to p**s when left alone. Also would be good if someone wanted to recreate Boaz in her mutated forms and all those animations would be there for people to use. By the way, could you look on the thread titled' General Ideas Thread' please PullingApart? I've got a really great idea I want to show everyone but no one's replied to it yet.:(

26-06-09, 21:57
wait AOD editor????

there is noone that can give us the AOD engine or editor.....not sure there is even one to use...because core used maya with their engine....and none has put an editor together with the proper plugin or anything:)

26-06-09, 22:03
as larafan said ;)
u should buy the main program license (in this case maya) too, it would be veery expensive

in legend and anniversary, if i'm not wrong, they used 3ds max :

27-06-09, 16:43
@ deskj : As far as I know, they were using an editor much advanced than TRLE but still hard and slooooowwwww ><"...

The modeling was based with the same as TRLE, squared thigs, but you could split any face into more and even replace it with an object (look at that beautiful bridge in the Tomb of Ancient ^^), but objects and animations were (I think) made into another editor which could be Maya, 3DS Max or another ^^.

27-06-09, 22:15
u mean a real "standalone" editor?
i thought of something related to maya (a sort of editor based on that software, dunno) or something similar
mmhh we should search some making of screens around, if there are some
for animations ecc, i do believe of maya too