View Full Version : Game crashing with error...

26-06-09, 18:26
I can play on my level, but when i type "P" and "Exit" , then game causing error, like black screen with small window " Program detected error and will be close... ". The same thing is when i try to Load previous saved game, and when lara dead. I think, it was started since i set 3 OCB animations to my switches in WADmerger... How i can fix it ?

26-06-09, 18:28
I think its to do with the loading screen, go into ur script and change the loading screens to 0,0,0 etc.... ;)

26-06-09, 18:31
Where is this script?

EDIT: Ok, i see it, but i dont know how to change it. Pls help

God Horus
26-06-09, 18:40
I think you should read the manual which goes over script editing thoroughly.

26-06-09, 18:41
In your main TRLE folder (with everything in) Click on the folder called script. You will have a bunch of different scripts, click on the highlighted script.


Change the highlighted numbers in the correct level info. see the top of each little parapragh for the level name. Change all the numbers to 0,0,0....