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28-06-09, 12:11
Hey all, I haven't updated TombList for quite a while, because I made some new stuff.
the main design is completely back to basic, but with a menu added.
I also added a tray icon so you can quickly choose the last game you played etc.

There are also various new functions like Help, Logs, Themes,...
I also added a theme importing function and a wizard to create your own themes.
I also imported my Printscreen Save tool into it.

Most importantly, there's a web feed through which you can get the latest info about the level editing world.

There's also a new way of telling you things.
Instead of boxes popping up, I simply used those balloon thingies that appear above your clock.

I also added a "First Run Wizard", which guides you through the basics and let's you install two themes I included.

Old lists are still useable, all versions from description field and up.
Here's a screenshot :


(http://badboy70.cwahi.net/)Here's a screen of the TombSteel theme :


Download from here (http://badboy70.cwahi.net/)

*note : there's also a folder created in "C:\Tomblist\" where it stores your personal stuff, like themes, logs, helpfiles etc.