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30-06-09, 08:10
Hi everyone,

Anybody know, how to change weapon sound, i think about change uzi and shodgun sounds in my level with sounds from TR2. What i must do step by step? I saved sounds from SoundJack, and there are in Wav format. WHat format it must be ( bits, hz , etc. ) and where put it to repleace with old ones?

30-06-09, 10:18
Convert the sounds in wav PCM 22050 Hz 16 bit mono (I recommend you to use TR Level Manager or programs like Sound Forge or Adobe Audition for the conversion), rename them in "uzi_fr.wav" (for the uzi fire sound), "uzi_stp.wav" (for the uzi stop fire sound) and "shot_gun.wav" (for the shotgun fire sound); insert them in the folder TRLE\Sound\Samples. Then open the Sounds.txt file in TRLE\Sound\LevelSFX Creator and find the sounds "LARA_UZI_FIRE" (uzi_fr.wav), "LARA_UZI_STOP" (uzi_stp.wav) and "LARA_SHOTGUN" (shot_gun.wav) and delete the texts PIT20 (for uzi sounds) and PIT40 (for shotgun sound); save the sounds.txt file.
Execute the SFX_Example.bat file and convert your level ;)

PS: If your level file hasn't the same name of one of the standard TRLE level files, push the right mouse button on the SFX_Example.bat file and select "Modify", then insert a new pcwadsfx command with the name of your level file followed by a letter.

example: if the name of level files is "mylevel", insert this command
pcwadsfx mylevel a

Save the SFX_Example.bat file and execute it :)

30-06-09, 10:55
I've already made sounds from tr2 :)


Scroll down. :)

30-06-09, 12:56
Hehe im already using your " environment tomb2 sounds " pack :)
I downloaded it some days ago, when i built wad to my level. Only underwater switch sound i dont use, i much prefer oryginal from tr4.

I dont want litter forum, so i ask here my next question:

I add " monkey " ladder in celling, and everything works fine, but above room with water lara stop catch ladder and dropping to water. I tried make first ladder, later door to water room but it not help.

EDIT: ( i fixed it, so i deleted :D ) , but problems above are actual.

30-06-09, 14:20
You have to assign the monkey swing path to the lowest room in your case the bottom of the water room. See page 40 of the official manual it's explained there. :)