View Full Version : kinda a dumb question about the LE

01-07-09, 23:39
I got the official one, ive installed and i played the "playable tutorial level". i still have no clue hw to get to building a level. I have a mac os x (version 10.5.4)

02-07-09, 00:26
Here, all want you need to know.


02-07-09, 00:27
ahahah sorry thats not what im asking,
ive installed and everything, and i even finsihed the little playable demo that came with it, all my game will let me do is play certain levels from the last revelation and theres no option for creating your own levels

02-07-09, 00:53
That's not how you create levels. :) Read the manual.

02-07-09, 00:58
:hea:wow im stupid....

02-07-09, 01:03
Hehe, did you try to open the "winroomedit.exe"? ;)

02-07-09, 01:18
He is on Mac OS X 10.5.something

The first time I installed it (on Windows), me too, it took me some tries to realise that winroomedit.exe was the real editor. :p

I have a faint memory, that the name winroomedit may have been kept for the Mac version ?

And in the (windows) "start menu -> Core Design -> ..." it is hidden under "tools" and named Room-Editor. (well, Zimmer-Editor in German)

I guess Macs have a kind of start menu too ?

But then again, I tend to believe Cochrane, when he said it won run in MacOS X 10.5 or higher. (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/showthread.php?p=3752074#post3752074)
Because / But what do I know about Macs ? But I guess he does, just a look at his avatar.