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02-07-09, 04:37
Champ has updated TextureAdd to version
Download available here (http://ctrobjects.topcities.com/textureadd.htm).
Download the DLL at the bottom of that page too if you haven't already.

Here's the list of changes. Most notable, fixed the adding of new textures to a wad so the method outlined in my tutorial is no longer necessary. My recmerger program is no longer required either as the append Texture Records feature has been fixed. Also a new feature is adding multiple textures to a wad in one go. Also you can import an image then set a grid and cut the image into pieces according to the grid. Thus you have your cut texture pieces already in the wad. Thanks Champ.

41. fixed the APPEND option for the import texture records feature...
42. able to now create texture records from the grid settings...
43. corrected code for editing and adding records that goes out of bounds,they will be adjusted automatically...
44. corrected crash when trying to delete a texture without a page added yet...
45. fixed a bug in the add new texture feature,now works in winXP...
46. corrected duplicate texture number when adding a new texture piece...
47. fixed current texture selection retangle from showing up on other pages...
48. now when adding new texture pieces they will look for a blank spot on the page or create a new page if it doesnt fit, this feature is fun to watch lolz
49. now can select more than 16-20 texture pieces/files at once to add to a page, try to keep it under 100 for best results, but around 200 is supported...
50. when adding texture pieces TextureAdd process priority is set to HIGH then back to NORMAL when done, if this is a problem or you wish you could choose what priority to use let me know...
51. when adding blank pages you can now type in how many you want to add, 1-10 at a time... if you want to add more than 10 at once let me know and i'll update the program...
52. you can now add new pages from a long image like the image from export all pages as single image option, if the image is longer than 256 pixels it will add more than one page... its also able to load pretty much any size image, if the images is wider than 256 its resized keeping its current aspect ratio...

02-07-09, 10:49
Never heard of this. Sounds like a good alternative to Wadmerger's Add Texture function. Especially as you can add more than one texture at once. :D
I really hate that this is not possible in Wadmerger.

28-02-10, 18:37
its now up to as of 2/28/2010 ;)

28-02-10, 19:00
Oooh yay!! I need this :jmp:

02-03-10, 20:35
Any chance you could make it so that it converts UV-mapped textures to the segmented textures?

03-03-10, 03:12
^No...I don't think that's possible, if it were it'd be awesome, totally! :jmp:

03-03-10, 11:52
^No...I don't think that's possible, if it were it'd be awesome, totally! :jmp:

So far TRViewer seems to be the only one to do that. Ah, well... :o

03-03-10, 12:32
Yes, but TRViewer splits them in such a way that they don't look perfectly aligned in StrPix/PixStr/WADMerger, so it's not of much use... :(