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02-07-09, 21:15
I've downloaded a Next Gen level editor a few moths ago and I started building my level which is nearly finished. Downloaded it from skribblerz, I'm not quite sure if it's TRNG or NGLE cause it's written NGLE.exe, but it doesn't allow me to change tomb4.exe with TREP.. Anyways an tomb4.exe stayed from the previous game i've downloaded and it works perfectly at my house, but i came here at my friends house to test the level, he has basic trle stuff and i replaced everything for the level to load, but it crashes. Firstly it needed bass.dll, so I found it, but now it just doesn't load and I'm afraid itll be like that on other computers aswell. Help, please? :(

Here's a pic of the error:

OMG, sorry, wrong forum :confused:

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02-07-09, 22:03
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