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05-07-09, 21:12
Hello. Whatever I do, I can't change name of the puzzle/pickup/key ingame. It always stays Load, or if it's some already made level then it stays the same like it was before I changed it. For example, what I wrote:

Puzzle= 16,Sun Disk, $0001,$0320,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002
Key= 1,Gate Key, $0000,$0400,$0000,$c000,$0000,$0002
Key= 12,Silver Key, $0000,$0400,$0000,$c000,$0000,$0002
Pickup= 1,Silver Shield, $0008,$0150,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002

It looks alike the script entries from core (which I kept for cases like this), and all pickup names are declared in "English.txt", but in game it ALWAYS stays "Load". First number IS the name of pickup/puzzle/key in wad, so I don't know what's the problem.
I spent hours trying to figure this out and searching the internet but didn't find anything. Can somebody please tll me what I'm doing wrong.

05-07-09, 21:27
The very first number must match the PUZZLE_ITEM #. IE, Puzzle= 16,Sun Disk, $0001,$0320,$0000,$0000,$0000,$0002, this looks for PUZZLE_ITEM16.

05-07-09, 21:31
well it does match. but still in game that puzzle item 6 is "load".

05-07-09, 21:45
Wait, is the name of your item "PUZZLE_ITEM6"? The game attaches the string to puzzle 16, not puzzle 6.

05-07-09, 21:50
Ok, I can help here :)

Here are the steps on naming items in the inventory.

1. First figure out if it is a Puzzle, PuzzleCombo, Pickup, Key, etc. The start of the script MUST be the same as the type of item it is.

2. Key= 1,Gate Key, $0000,$0400,$0000,$c000,$0000,$0002
The area in bold notes what slot the item is in, in your WAD. In this case, the Gate Key, is in slot one. Change this depending on which slot your item is in.

3. So lets say you are changing the inventory string for the Gate Key, which is in slot one. Go to your English file, find Gate Key, and change it to what you wish. Then, go back to your SCRIPT file, and change Gate Key to EXACTLY, what you changed in the English file. Save, Build, and that SHOULD work.


05-07-09, 22:24
I checked my work by your steps again.

1.what I stated as puzzle, in wad it is puzzle, same for two keys and one pickup.

2.numbers after = match the numbers of pickups/keys/puzzles in wad/LE

3. names stated after the number, are all in english.txt. Sun disk, Gate Key and Silver Key are in english.txt by default, and I changed one of other exsisting lines (pickup name) into Silver Shield.

And still, ingame all of this pickups are "Load". I also tried to change Canopic Jar 1 in Karnak level to Canopic Jar 2 to verify if maybe the problem is only in my custom level, or something. In game Canopic Jar 1 was stil Canopic Jar 1, despite the fact that I changed it. Seems that everything I do about the pickups in script doesen't affect their state in game (and yes,I did click script.exe, english script.bat and dos4gw.bat after making those changes, lol)

I know that it should work, but it doesn't. :(

05-07-09, 22:34
i did actually write 16 instead of 6 in puzzle for puzzle item, but I didn't even try if the name's right on that object, I tried it on silver shield. Now when I changed 16 to 6, all pickups have the right name. It seems as if one is wrong they all will be "Load". Well thanks alot for helping me, guys. :)

05-07-09, 22:36
Good to hear you got it working :tmb:

06-07-09, 08:45
Now when I changed 16 to 6, all pickups have the right name. Since there no more than 12 puzzle slots in a wad it makes sense that 6 will work and 16 won't. ;)