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Raider Doug
06-07-09, 02:06
Idea Number One

TITLE: "Tomb Raider: Kingdom of the Gods"

Set some time after the events of Tomb Raider: Underworld, while Lara is on an archaeological expedition in Greece she overhears a plot by the fabled secret society of the Illuminati to gain ultimate power and take over the world; using the powers of the Twelve Olympian Gods or the Dodekatheon.

They are:

. Zeus
. Hera
. Poseidon
. Demeter
. Hestia
. Aphrodite
. Apollo
. Ares
. Artemis
. Athena
. Hephaestus
. Hermes

According to Greek legend, the Dodekatheon possessed twelve icons or objects that were attributable to them, each contained a sample of their power and if all twelve were brought together, a portal to Mount Olympus or the Kingdom of the Gods would open and in there would reside the secret to ultimate power.

The Icons are:

. Hermes's Caduceus
. Tongs of Hepaestus
. Athena's Lance
. The Bows and Arrows of Artemis
. Sword of Ares
. Apollo's Kithara
. Aphrodite's Mirror
. The Veil of Hestia
. Demeter's Silver Tuft of Grain
. Poseidon's Trident
. Hera's Diadem
. Zeus's Lightning Bolt

It's a race against the clock for our heroine as she overcomes impossible odds and obstacles spaning the globe in twelve locations from modern day Persia to Mount Fuji; her progress hindered by a familiar, dangerous enemy that will put Lara's skills to the test (the Doppelganger)!

Idea Number Two

TITLE: "Tomb Raider: Hellfire"

N.B. People might not go for this, but I was thinking that maybe Toby Gard and director of "Drag Me to Hell" Sam Raimi could collaborate to do a similar story for Tomb Raider 9.

It would go like this:

Upon finding the lost tomb of the ancient Aztec priestess, Tacapantzin, Lara unleashes her vengeful spirit who curses her with the curse of the Lamia.

Lara now only has three days before the demon drags her into the fiery bowels of Hell. She must travel to various locations ranging from Romania to Easter Island to find the way to undo the curse, defeat Tacapantzin and Lamia.

Very Good Ending -- Lara removes the curse and defeats the evil priestess
the Lamia.

Good Ending-- Lara passes the curse onto Amannda and we the viewers are treated to a 2-minute long sequence of Amanda getting dragged to Hell.

Bad Ending -- Lara passes the curse onto Zip. He gets dragged to Hell and the game ends with Lara crying and saying "I'm sorry, Zip."

Very Bad Ending - - Lara does not remove the curse and gets dragged to Hell. Nuff said.


TITLE: "Tomb Raider: Megiddo"

Lara discovers the reemergence of an ancient cult once thought dead while vacationing in Monaco.

The cult is similar to Aum Shinrikyo in practices and is called the "La Sanzia". It is headed by a mysterious Shoko Asahara-like figure named
Moses Matayoshi Ontiveros. The group's goal is to discover ancient relics of great and terrible power in order to bring about the end of days and the final battle of Armageddon, right in Megiddo, Israel.

What do you think? These ARE much better and more conventional Tomb Raider ideas and Lara won't have to kiss a woman!;)

06-07-09, 02:14
the first one sounds the most interesting...but the doppelganger would not be included in my mind's eye. Just imagine though visiting 12 different locations and having each of those containing multiple levels. Put that all together, redo the engine so it's fresh and non-limiting and you have an EPIC tomb raider game!

06-07-09, 02:15
:rolleyes: We don't need another idea thread. Why can't you use any of the existing ones?

Raider Doug
06-07-09, 02:19
:rolleyes: We don't need another idea thread. Why can't you use any of the existing ones?

After my last thread which was a COMPLETE disaster, I figured that the best way to redeem myself is to create a separate thread to show people my sincerity.

06-07-09, 02:31
that sounds like an epic mythological quest! i'd play :)

06-07-09, 04:06
#1- We already dealt with god's in Underworld. So no thanks.
#2- It sounds like a good idea actually, however people would notice how similar it was to Drag Me To Hell.
#3- There's a whole lot of names in there I highly doubt I'd be able to pronounce :p

06-07-09, 17:58
I don't like any of those ideas...


06-07-09, 18:10
I love the first idea it sounds awsome! :yah: But withouth the dopelganger, no more returns....

06-07-09, 18:29
I like the first one. As long as it doesn't talks to much about who the gods are and actually what the artifacts do. And of course Lara would lost some of those artifcats to new villain. I don't think Kingdom of the Gods would be a good name. Why not do like Ubisoft. Prince of Persia 4 no longer belonged to Sands of Time trilogy so they named it Prince of Persia. They could do that for the new Tomb Raider. Just call it "Tomb Raider - Starring Lara Croft" or simply "Tomb Raider"

06-07-09, 18:52
The first one sounds the best one by far. Depends how Eidos and CD interpreted it though.