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06-07-09, 12:12
Let's talk about TRLE custom-made outfits. Your favourite ones? And why?
My TOP 3 is:
1. Anniversary Re-New outfit by Po Yu [link here] (http://www.trsearch.org/Items/2488) - because it is the best classic outfit ever made. I simple like it, because it looks amazing and it is CLASSIC outfit !
2. Underworld Short outfit remake by Po Yu [link here] (http://www.trsearch.org/Items/3013) - because I like underworld casual outfit - it is very original with great design and colors. Simple - stunning!
3. AoD Mixed style Short outfit [link here] (http://www.trsearch.org/Items/3122) - because it is an Angel of Darkness outfit and this game is my favourite from Tomb Raider saga. I simple like it!

But I don't use the whole outfit - my favourites are mixed ones - for example body from Anniversary re-new and head from AoD mixed style short outfit.


just croft
06-07-09, 13:37
1st - Archaeologist Oufit by Po Yu

Yes I know how it has been named the everyone's using it outfit, but I loved it from the moment Po Yu released a screen of it!

2nd - Winter Casual by Danilo

Seen it. Liked it. Simple.

I don't have a third, forth and so on, but I find Po Yo's outift's amazing!

God Horus
06-07-09, 14:46
1. Underworld Outfit by Po Yu
I don't think this outfit will be as overused as his Anniversary one was, but it is simply stunning!

2. Classic Croft by MaskedRaider
Lara looks so gorgeous in this outfit!

3. AOD Shorts by Po Yu
This outfit is incredible, and I love Lara's head! :p

06-07-09, 14:59
1. Anniversary Renew (Po Yu)
2. Archeologist (Po Yu)
3. Cant decide- Maskedraiders classic remakes/aod mixed

06-07-09, 16:17
AOD Mixed Shorts by Po Yu

AoD Wetsuit Outfit by Po Yu

Underworld Short Outfit by Po Yu

06-07-09, 16:25
1- Assault Corse Outfit by !Lara Croft!
2- Classic New By Po Yu
3-TRU Wetsuit By Trangel

Graeat otfits everywhere, it is hard to decide the best ones:)

06-07-09, 16:49
-PoYu's outfits
-Anything that is TR1 inspired, with the bun and similar colored outfit.
-Yellow Diving Suit by Tauchwiesel

09-08-09, 16:11
#1: Stickman Skin
by me... :oHere's a pic:

#2: AoD Mixed Style Short
by Po Yu

#3: TRU Short Revised
by Po Yu

09-08-09, 16:32
1. Titak's Mists of Avaoln Main Outfit

2.Trangel's Beneath the ashes outfit

3. Your TRU Shorts recolour!:tmb:

09-08-09, 19:00
1. TRU shorts recolour, by Po Yu (he told me he got inspiration from my avatar :whi:)

2. Anniversary ReNew by Po Yu

3. Archaeologist Outfit by Po Yu

09-08-09, 19:09
Anniversary ReNew by PoYu
Classic-style TRU Short by PoYu
TRAngel's Doppelganger outfit.

09-08-09, 19:21
My favorite outfits

3. Underworld Shorts outfit Po Yu

2. Fancy Fashion- U.C.o.Benetton White tiger

1. archeologist outfit Po Yu

this should turn into an po yu appreciation thread lol:p

09-08-09, 19:23
HahaTrue! But he does make quite the outfits:) And so do you TRAngel! I really like them! Well done!, great work:D

09-08-09, 19:44
I don't know about "top", e.g. the Po Yu outfit in the BtB Peru - I think it is excellent, but I have seen it too often for the moment.

Po Yu - New Style Adventurer Outfit :hug: and yes, the Archaeologist outfit.

The one from Magplus' Lara Croft and the Knights of Terafosia, don't know the name, don't know if it is available.

and actually original trle outfit with fixed hands and fixed shotgun.

I also appreciated the more weird ones - Masurao Kage, and the Owl spongebob used in his Christmas Level.

10-08-09, 00:38
In no particular order:

Raiding Outfit by -TRANGEL- (http://www.trsearch.org/Items/2071)
Jungle Military by Danilo (http://www.trsearch.org/Items/1770)
Ghost Manor by deskj (http://www.trsearch.org/Items/1892)

10-08-09, 15:50
1. AOD Jeans (No Backpack) by Po Yu - like the way that Lara keeps her pistols inside her jacket, as seen in AOD! :p

2. Archeologist by Po Yu - great design! :D

3. Anniversary Re-New by Po Yu - a classic

11-08-09, 21:02
Sure is difficult to make tops :(
But, well, here we go... In no specific order:

• - AoD Pants Outfit in TRL Style (Po Yu)
very nice, almost identical do AoD! and usable everyware ;) :D
• - Stylish City (Horus Goddess)
A different style, very usable to urban levels :D
• - Comic - Jungle (Horus Goddess)
inspired by the comics, its usable in any place! and very beautiful.. i really like her style :rolleyes:

there are many other that I like, and wish I could've included in this top :o
but... I dunno... these three have "that" thing that makes them special to me :D

11-08-09, 21:29
Hmm...So far its...
TRAngels TRU style wetsuit.
Po yus TRU classic outfit with Aod Headmesh (thanks again Razzi)
hm...and i'de have to say the Anniversary Re-new by Po Yu :).

12-08-09, 09:41
Hmm...So far its...
TRAngels TRU style wetsuit.
Razzi's TRU classic outfit with Aod Headmesh (thanks again Razzi)
hm...and i'de have to say the Anniversary Re-new by Po Yu :).

It's not mine - it's Po Yu's :) I just changed it for you