View Full Version : How to construct a boat on TRLE?

:}hello friend
06-07-09, 20:56
I have took some time off Level Editing... since my mom realized that it has completely dominated my life. I have came up with this level idea to construct a huge boat like the submarine Lara was on in the Russian levels.
The boat is not an object, the boat is the level, and some of the surrounding waters... so I want to know.... How would I construct a boat... is there a tutorial for building one?

06-07-09, 21:17
Imagine the Maria Doria Levels except not underwater or in ruins! :D

God Horus
06-07-09, 21:36
A tutorial for building a boat? People really don't make tutorials on how to build certain locations.

I would say just start off with the deck, make lots of huge water rooms around it, and you would definitely at some point need to make a lot of objects for it.

I suggest you play the first level of Legio VI Victrix which was a boat level.

06-07-09, 22:01
do you mean like a giant real sized boat made fully out of geometry in the editor???

you could do so by getting a reference photo and basically....

have one room on the bottom and shape the ceiling to the bottom of the boat and back and front lower parts.

then on top with other rooms make the deck and the higher levels and such:)

also make the rooms surrounding it water rooms:)

I have a level coming up where I need to build a boat ontop of a rock....so that'll be fun to try:p

06-07-09, 22:13
This is how im making mine.

Just make a regular level with boat themed textures and objects, give it an "underwater feel (dark,blusih,greenish colors) and underwater plants for an extra touch.

Also try to connect outside water rooms to your "boat"
It gives the illusion that your actually underwater.
Just make the surface of the water room out of sight or make it dark so the player cant see the surface.
Another underwater illusion.

And finnaly do a little research about the architecture of a boat to add a bit of realism
to your level.