View Full Version : How to change font without using Leikkuri or NGLE?

07-07-09, 14:38
I use trep patched windows xp tomb4.exe, and I would like to change font in my game, but Leikkuri always messes everything up and I don't wan't to use NGLE. I would like to download some custom font and make it work (I don't have the time to make my own). Can anyone tell me what are other ways to change font?

07-07-09, 18:16
I can help with this:


These work without the need to use Leikkuri.

07-07-09, 20:27
And that is exactly how you have to change the font when not using Leikkuri or TRNG: you have to manually change the font image in a paint program.
Lots of work actually, because the letters have to be in exactly the same spot as the original letters.

Romantics Inc.
07-07-09, 20:58
Uhhmm...Im just going to ask in this thread, how do you change font?!?! I want to change the font and I dont have this leikkuraiiair(??) program thing...I have NGLE, so how do I do it? :p

07-07-09, 20:59
There should be a font editor in NG Center :)

Romantics Inc.
07-07-09, 21:04
ah okay :p

07-07-09, 21:11
Yep, there is a font editor in TRNG.

I've never used it though... I also used Leikkuri because I already changed the font before the Font Editor was incorperated ino TRNG. :o
So, that's one thing I can't help you with I'm afraid. But have a look at the documentation about the TRNG Font Editor and if you still can't figure it out, you can post a cry for help in the TRNG section. ;)