View Full Version : Saved games won't save?

12-07-09, 13:30
Everytime I play a custom level the saved games never save. What am I doing wrong here? :confused:

12-07-09, 14:04
If youre running Vista it could be a permissions screw up (My Vista particuarly hates TRLE overwriting its own files).. try running the tomb4.exe with admin rights - or do what I did and install it to your Documents.

12-07-09, 22:05
Do you mean that you can't save the games at all, or that you can't find your savegames in the TRLE folder. If it's the latter, and you're using Vista, and if you've installed TRLE in your program files folder - then click on "Compatibility Files" and the folder with your savegames will open.

13-07-09, 11:53
Is the compatibility files in program files? If so, what happens if it isn't there?