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God Horus
12-07-09, 15:38
Hey, so I am working really hard on my new game and I need help with one of the levels.

Basically, during the entire level, Amanda is following you. I haven't made Amanda yet, but I already made a dummy Amanda and I will make the real one later. Basically, the level is split into 7 or 8 large puzzle areas, and all Amanda does is stand there and watch Lara work. Then after you unlock the next area and enter it, Amanda walks in it after you.

So what slot would you recommend I put Amanda in? Because I really don't know much about the guide/Von Croy or which one to put her in and use AI and stuff (but I assume I will have to do this)

I don't want her running after Lara because if she does then it will cause a problem. As soon as Lara enters a new room, Amanda enters and stands at the entrance.

Thanks! :hug:

12-07-09, 15:50
I guess the Von Croy/ Guide object.. I guess you're goin to have to learn about them... :( Sorry I am not much help.. But in the Angkor Wat levels Von Croy knew what to do and where to go.. I guess you should put her in that slot... Scince you want her to move freely. :)

Here is a tutorial: Here. (http://www.skribblerz.com/tuts/guide.htm) :)

12-07-09, 15:56
Use the GUIDE slot.
When there's no AI set up for him, he just keeps on following Lara.

"Box" squares prevents him from going through BUT if Lara passes by a "Box" square, he'll stay behind and wander about in a very odd way so best is to set up AI to make him follow Lara and wait for her in front of the closed door.
Lara does her stuff and opens the door which will also trigger the next AI_FOLLOW to make him go.

There's a very good tutorial on how to use him at Skribblerz's .
He's not that hard to use :)

12-07-09, 16:00
I think you are going to have to take or make some animations for her.. Maybe take the walk animation from Lara... Because it woul look weird for her to be walking like a man. :)

God Horus
12-07-09, 16:00
Well thank you so much you two! :hug:

I will try putting her in the guide slot and maybe give her some of Lara's anims or something.

12-07-09, 16:01
Von Croy does not seem to work with pistol Lara sinds young Lara is used. Von Croy beats the boars for young Lara. I guess the AI gets scrwed up when Lara's pistols are used. So my choice would be the guide.

12-07-09, 16:01
No problem! :D Glad I could help! ( For the first time! )

12-07-09, 21:46
I've got Anaya in the GUIDE slot and she doesn't look butch-like because of the male anims. She looks okay . :)

12-07-09, 22:00
^ I second that. I've made a few guides before and they seemed fine with their animations. Probably would be better not to mess with them really.
I hope your building goes well! Sounds interesting :D