View Full Version : Gun sounds.

12-07-09, 16:17
My gun sounds are messed up.
The revolver, Is all staticy sounding.
The pistols and uzis sound like they are being shot underwater and the shotguns fine.
I originally downloaded the BTB 2008 wad and decided not to use it so i deleted objects and put differant ones in and changed the outfit. Now when i convert the TOM to a TR4 file to play it says im missing the zip line sounds and the Magnum2.wav sounds.
Whats wrong....

12-07-09, 16:20
Umm.. Did you change any sounds? Did you use different sounds than the ones already in your Wad? Like you changed the original sounds?

12-07-09, 16:43
Yes i used the sounds that came with the BTB 2008 wad, but they were doing the same thing. So i changed them to these new ones i downloaded from TRsearch. But still the same thing. They are in the right format.

12-07-09, 16:56
I'm Either guessing its the quality of sounds or you need to get the old ones back...

12-07-09, 20:48
Make sure you aren't missing any sounds then try again.