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Here's a story that I've been writting the past few months. It's based on one of my drawings that I also created into a TRLE PLayable character. It's still not finished and it has grammer mistakes in it (haven't gotten around to fixing them yet), but I thought that I'd let you all enjoy what I do have. It's kind of a long story to read on the net, but most people get hooked once they start reading it. Let me know what you think of it.

Her heart pounds as she races down corridor after corridor with only red flood lights guiding her path. Her feet pounding on the dirty floor. The sound of the alarm pierces her sensitive ears. As she runs, she wonders who she really is, why she woke up in this place, and what she will do if she escapes. The sound of several millitary boots hitting the floor beneath her is enough to strike fear into her. Whipping around the corners, she feels she knows this place. The offices look so familiar to her, but she can't put her finger on it. In the distant, she hears the guards orderering each other around.
"We have her tracked, she's still on the 31st floor." One of the men yells out.
"The alarm should have been enough to take her down." Another yells out.
The young woman comes to a hallway going left and right. She flies around the right corner, and blitzes to the stairwell 100 ft away.
"My only escape "She said to herself.
Just as she gets within 50 ft of her destination, guards pour out of stairwell. She skids to a complete stop as one of the guards starts shouting at her.
"Give yourself up now, or else we'll shoot." Twelve other guards pull their weapons up in aim of her body.
"Your armor isn't strong enough yet, Project 6, the bullets will kill you. Please, give yourself up." Scientist Will Burkheart pleaded.
Submission was the last thing on her mind. She felt as though she had been abused, terrorised, and she wasn't about to find out if it were going to happen again. Sweat that was pouring from her brow began flooding her eyes. Her arms were dripping pesperation onto the floor. In an instant, she whisps around in hopes of making a break for it in the same direction she came from. Just as she lifted her left foot off the ground in attempt to run, guards rush in from the remaining directions. The situation seemed hopeless, only a radical desicion was left. Without hessitation, she bursts through the door to the office on her right. Shattering the door, she dashes to the window while dodging a swarm of bullets heading in her direction. Cutting her arm on glass, she leaps through the window just as one of the bullets pierces her stomach. She screams in pain as a mass of blood begins to pour from her body. As she plummits to the ground, she wonders if her last attempt to freedom was a mistake. Was this her last moment on this planet, could this be the end, so soon?

Chapter 1: The Saga begins

Professor Gregory Rishaw, President of ELI Electronics Inc., was looking out the back-seat window of his black limo on the way to a meeting early Monday, June 5th, 2023. The High Councel of the city was meeting with his staff for the third time to discuss a prototype weapon to fight back on crime. Professor Rishaw was never interested in any such thing, but since the city paid good money, he figured it was worth his time. Miss Lawrens, Pro. Rishaw's secretary, listed off his schedule to him as he sipped his black coffee. Just as she finished reading it off to him, the limo pulled into the parking space. The chauffer opened up the backseat door and Pro. Rishaw climbed out of the limo and brushed himself off. As Pro. Rishaw briskly walked to the elevator behind his lovely secretary, he felt as though he was being followed by someone. He jerked his head around to see what was hunting him, but nothing abnormal caught his sight. Waiting for the elevator, the president constantly looked back to make sure nothing was there.
"Is something the matter, Mr. Rishaw?" his secretary asked.
"I'm not sure. I feel as though were being followed." the president said with a slight bit of fear.
"Don't worry, Mr Rishaw, we have the tightest security here. Nothing could get by undetected." Miss Lawrense stated assuringly. Just as she finished her sentence, the professor threw down his coffee, hitting the cold pavement and forced the secretary into the stairwell. A trail of bullets impailed the doors of the elevator and the stairwell just as the two had leaped out of harms way.
"What is going on?!" the young lady screamed.
"Lock down the building!" the 40 year old yelled back. Miss Lawrens fumbled for the ELS keypad in attempt to lock all the doors in the enitre building.
"Miss Lawrens, hurry!"
The secrertary finaly got a hold of the ELS and entered the password to lock everything down. Immediatly, the security team grasped their weapons and dashed down hallways using keycards to gain access through doors. Security guards bolted into the garage from several entrances in search of the intruder. They locked down the doors behind them to ensure the intruder wouldn't get any farther. While security was searching the garage, the president and his secretary continued on their way to the meeting. Despite the fact of the threat, the meeting went into session. Scientist William Burkheart, in charge of the prototype, began his presentation.

"This prototype is the biggest thing ever created. Several breakthrough technologies have allowed us to make this the most effective safty unit in the world. First is the hearing capability. We place a small chip in the ear that magnifies sounds. It sends signals to the brain telling how far away the sound is, and with a map programed into the brain of the unit, it will determine the quickest route to get to the sound. Next is the sight. A small film is placed on the eyes that allows the unit to see up to 5 miles in the poorest conditions. The eyes will be able to focus in and out on their target allowing it to idetify things better. We have enhanced running capability to let the unit travel faster. It will also be programed with stealth moves to quickly and easily pass any obstacle that comes its way. The armor itself will be able to withstand almost any forms of destruction. There are several other advances that we will be adding to the final unti, but they are still in test proceedures."

"Impresive, Mr. Burkheart, when will we see the fully operational unit?" The head of High-Councel asked.

"If all goes well, we should be able to complete the unit in three months time. We will need a human being to become Project Number 6. There are no guarentees that the human will live through the testing. All memories of the units past will be overwritten by one of our computers. Interference with the brain will be set to a minimum to ensure a proper working unit." Mr. Burkheart replied.

"We have the perfect specimen for you. Alysa Mullens was sectenced to death row last week for killing her husband. We'll send her to you under heavy observation." One of the members of High-Coucel added. Seconds later, a young security gurd burst through the door.
"We need to evacuate everyone immediatly. The intruder has penetrated further into our facility."
"Impossible!" The president interupted.
"Sir, we never saw the intruder once. He's invisable. We used every available resource to find the intruder, but the only way of tracking him is if he uses the keycard he grasped from a corpse."
"I will not leave my own building." the president firmly stated.
"Mr. Rimshaw, please come with us." Miss Lawrens declared. "This is just a percaution that we should have taken sooner."
As they walked to the stairwell to the helichopter pad, the president trailed behind and slipped into his office to gather an artifact. Franticly, he dug through piles of paperwork in his desk drawer to get to the cedar box with the item. After unfastening the lock, he peeked inside to make sure the artifact was still in it's place. Clutching the box under his arm, he scattered the paperwork around the room, tipped over furniture and smashed a couple of vases. Qulickly glancing to make sure no one was looking, He shoved his thumb into the small hole behind a piece of artwork hanging behind his desk to reveil a secret entrance. The entrance lead up to the helichopter pad where he met up with the rest of the evacuees. No one knew he ever left their party for they were more concerend about themselves getting out safely

Chapter 2: Prototype Modeled

A couple days passed since the ELI Inc. incident and the police were interviewing several different individuals who worked in the facility. The president met with the chief of police to discuss what was stolen from the company.
"The only things that were stolen were a couple of canasters of heated meteor ore and, the blueprints of our facility and our security system setup. The intruder also stole an artifact that was very dear to me. I aquired it when I was in India on a buisness trip. I gave it to my wife as a present just before she died of cancer." Mr. Rishaw stated.
"Sir, we tracked the intruder up to the 31st floor, so there is no way that he could have made it up to your office on the 55th floor to steal the artifact without having to use the keycard." The chief of police quickly replied.
"Are you accusing me of stealing my own artifact? How do I know that the High-Counsel didn't set this raid up to accellerate my decision on the prototype?" Mr. Rishaw harshly replied.
"I'm sorry to have made it sound like I was accusing you, but it does seem as though you were the only possible explanation." The chief of police firmly stated.
"I'd hate to insult your intelligence, chief, but I brought along a video document of our security activity throughout the building. The intruder diactivated the security system in the southwest stairwell for appox. 15 min. That would give him enough time to make it to my office and back down to escape ELI Incorperation." Mr. Rishaw said in defence.
"From the looks of this, what you say is quite possible, since we were never able to track the victim leaving. However, this still doesn't put you in the clear. If you have anymore evidence, please contact us." The chief responded leading the president out the door.

Back at the corperation, Alysa was transported under heavy surveillance where she met Scientist William Burkheart. Will began to talk with Alysa about the transfomation that she was about to go under for the next few months.
"Alysa, you do realize that you won't remember anything that has happened in the past."
Alysa gazed at a picture of her daughter taken a few months back. She realized that she'd never see her daughter again, death row or hero. The pain was almost too much to handle. She didn't kill her husband, why didn't the state believe her. Because of them, she lost her life, her daughter. Now her daughter would grow up without a father or a mother to love and protect her. Maybe, just maybe, the state would allow her daughter to see her after the operation. It wouldn't matter if she knew it was her daughter or not, she just wanted to let her daughter see that she was ok.
"Alysa, are you ok with this?" The scientist asked as he gently squeezed her hand.
"If not this then it's death." She responded, fighting back the tears.
"May I ask one favor, Will."
"Sure, I'll see what I can do."
"Will" she started. She took a deep swallow and started again. "Will my daughter be able to see me after the operation? Just once, so that she know's I'm ok."
Mr. Burkheart glanced up at one of the member of the High-Councel. Noticing the frown on his face, Will knew the answer was a 'no', but he couldn't force himself to reject her request. Assuringly, he relpied,
"I'll see what I can do. Everything will be fine."
"Thanks, I appreciate it, a lot." Alysa replied getting over the urge of crying.
"If you're ready, we'd like to begin some testing on you. I'll be there beside you and if it's too much for you, we can stop for a while and come back when you're ready."
"I'm ready." The widow replied.
She began to like the way Will treated her. He always thoroughly explained what he was going to do before he did it, he treated he with respect, despite what she was acused of doind, and his confidence made her feel safe. Will was always right beside her every minute of operations and testing. A week later Will quickly walked to Alysa's room to suprise her. With a dozen roses in one hand, and a gallon of double fudge ice cream tucked under the other arm, he quietly entered the room and concealed the flowers behind his back.
"Hey," he started, "I know it's after hours, but I got you something." Will pushed aside her half eaten dinner and placed the ice cream down on her tray.
"I got something else for you." Sitting on the edge of her bed, Will pulled out the roses from behind his back and laid them on her stomach.
"You're so kind," Alysa said, exaughsted. "How's everything going with me?"
"You're doing great. We expect to be completly done two weeks ahead of schedule.... Are you still ok with this? I mean, if we're going too fast for you, we can slow it down."
"I'm a big girl, I can handle it," she said as she struggled to pull the lid off the gallon of ice cream. "You don't need to get yourself stressed out because of me."
"I know, but I don't want anything to happen to you that you wouldn't like. I care about you.... Well, I better let you get some rest. You can put the ice cream in the freezer beside your bed if you want to save it for later." Will got up and headed for the door.
"Will?" she paused. Will spun around and looked at her straight in the eyes.
"Yes?" He responded.
"You're a sweet man. Someday, a woman will be lucky to have you." Those wern't exactly the words he wanted to hear from her. He really cared about her, more than anyone else, didn't she see that? He didn't want another woman, he wanted her.

The next morning, Professor Rishaw had a message delivered to Will stating that Will was to come immdiatly to the president's office. Will wondered what could be so important that he'd be urgently called out of the operating room. Throwing his blood-stained latex gloves in the trash, he walked up to the elevator and pressed the call button with his index finger. When the elevator doors opened, he saw that the president had met him on his way up. Will knew that things couldn't be good, especially by the expression on the presiden't face. The silent ride up to Professor Rishaw's office was nerve wrecking. When they reached the office, Gregory offered Will a seat.
"It has come to my attention that you are getting attached to Project 06." The president started.
"How would you know?" Will questioned.
"I have my ways...."
"You were spying on me and Alysa, wern't you." Will started getting tense as he spoke.
"What is it to you? I'm your employer and I have to ensure my buisness is being run properly. I don't think you're in any condition to be operating on Miss Mullens. Things are getting too personal between you and her. I'm restricting you from operating on her. Dr. Calihan will be taking your place. You may monitor his operations from behind a glass window, but you are not allowed to enter the room. From now on, you will refer to her only as Project 06.'
Will stood up slamming his fist on the desk.
"You can't do this!"
"You better be thanking me that I didn't restrain you from working here. Oh, and by the way, you're restricted from any personal visits with Project 06. You are dismissed." Gregory Rishaw rose from his seat and pulled open the door for the young professor. Will shuffled his way out the door and slumped down by the wall outside the office.
"Must you be so hard on him, Mr. Rishaw?" his secretary inquired.
"He's interfearing with buisness. High-Counsel will pay extra if we get Project 6 completed early." The president replied.
After leaving for a few hours to sort things out, Will came back to ELI Electronics Inc. in the evening to watch the operation from behind the glass. He couldn't believe what was happening, Dr. Calihan was abusing her. Although she was exaughsted and needed some rest, the doctor forced her eyelids open. She was stapped to a table and hung upside-down, being forced to read words that were flashing at high speeds, or shown in different dirrections. In between the small breaks she was given, Alysa would utter Will's name. Surely he would save her, where was he? She wished that it would all just end; the only thing keeping her going was her daughter. Will was outraged. He tightened his fists till his knuckles were white and began pounding on the glass. Security quickly brought him under control. Dragging him to the exit, the security guard threw Will into the street. He was restricted from coming back to ELI until Project 06 was complete. As he picked himself up from the street, he noticed blood draining from his nose and mouth. After dragging himself to his car, Will wiped the blood off his face and began driving home. As soon as he pulled into the garage of his apartment complex, Will knew that he had to rescue Alysa at all costs.

Over the course of the next couple of weeks, Will worked on creating a fake keycard with one of his spares. The police would be able to trace it back to him, but it would give him and Alysa enough time to make it out of the country. The night Will was ready to free Alysa, he heard that Project 06 was almost complete. All was left was overwritting her memory with one of ELI's compter chips.
"I have to go in tonight." Will said to himself. "I just hope I can get to her before her memory is erased."

Professor Gregory Rishaw left work early the day before Project 06 was complete to celebrate with his wife and some members of the office staff. After enjoying a gormet dinner on the back lawn of their mansion, the party moved inside for some small talk. After the party broke up around midnight, the president climbed into bed with his wife.
"I'm so proud of you, honey," his wife whispered.
Gregory just smiled at her. He thought that being as rich and famous as he was would make him happy, but it didn't. His mind swirling, He drifted off to sleep after an hour. At 3:14 AM, Gregory jolted awake by the sound of his phone ringing. He quickly snatched the phone off the hook and put the reciever to his ear to hear someone yelling at the other end.
"She's escaped, Mr. Rishaw! Project 06 has escaped!"

Chapter III: Midnight Run

Speeding excessivly on the main roads, Will began swerving in and out of traffic just to clip a few seconds off the time it took him to get to ELI. The clock neared 3 AM, the time when the next shift change was going to take place. Pushing 80 MPH withing city limits, Will hoped he'd get there without any cops noticing his irregular driving behavior. Whipping into a parking space of the coperations garage, Will, dressed in a security uniform, wondered if he could pull this off. Sliding the keycard through the time clock, he began questioning what he was doing. Was his job worth setting her free? If her memory was erased, would it still be worth setting her free? His mind set, Will marched to the central security room to pick up his assignments so that he wouldn't look suspicious. Hearing all guards getting called to an emergancy, Will knew it was the perfect time to free his girl. Chugging as fast as he could up the southwest stairwell, Will jerked his head back noticing several guards running up behind him. Did they recognize him? Did his plan fail already? His concerns subsided as two of the guards ran passed him to the 31st floor. Will watched as the two guards swung open door, Pulling their weapons out and aiming at someone. The first guard on the scene yelled,
"Give yourself up now, or else we'll shoot."
Will quickly caught up with the other guards to see who they were talking to. Realizing that they had Alysa in their aim, Will shouted,
"Your armor isn't strong enough yet, Project 06, the bullets will kill you. Please, give yourself up."
She blankly stared at him. Was he too late? Was her memory already erased? And why did he call her Project 06? He would never disrespect her like that. In an instant, his worst nitemare came true. Watching as Alysa spun around, he knew that the turnout was going to be horrible. Guards were approaching from the remaining directions and there wasn't much time left. Pausing for only a split second, Alysa truned to her right and burst through the door. Will had to do something. He decided that maybe calling out her name would stop her.
The instant he screamed for her, guns were fired in her direction. The blare from the weapons was enough to swallow his voice. Will watched in horror as Alysa leaped through the window to her death thirty-one stories down.

In his large apartment a couple blocks north of ELI Inc., 22 year-old Jotham Kunter was watching the latest devolpments on Project Number 06 on the evening news. He had a flawless plan to capture the project. After a couple days of silence, he would send randsome notes to the High-Counsel to get a few quick bucks and a safe plane trip to brazil. Jotham learned that the scientists would be finished with the project that night. Anxiously, he repeatedly scanned blueprints of ELI to perfect his evil plans while drinking an iced tea on the side. Two o'clock finally dragged past and it was finally time to set the plan in motion. Hopping in his car, Jotham heard rain starting to pour down. Lightning could be seen in the distant as he parked on to the south side of the building. Pulling his laptop out of it's leather casing, he set the signal concoordinances to track Project Number 06. He input a password into a device to signal the break, once he got clear reception. Stareing at his laptop, Jotham watched different screens as the woman storned passed office after office. In one view, he could see from the view of her eyes, and in another he could watch from a 2 dimentional grid view. Her only escape was to get to the southwest stairwell before the guards came up. Fifty feet from the stairwell, Jotham realised that his plan failed. The guards closed in from every possible hallway and there was no escape. To his suprise, the prisoner was running through the office straight for the larger glass window. Was she crazy? She could die! Throwing his laptop into the passenger seat door, Jotham whipped his jetpack out from the backseat and bolted out of his car. Hearing the sound of glass shattering, he cast the jetpack over his shoulders and accelerated into air, aiming for the moving figure. With the rain beating in his face, Jotham tried to catch her in the almost pitch darkness. He extended his hands barely grasping the plunging body. She started to slip from his grasp for the both of them were drenched with water. Tightening the tension, Jotham pulled her into his arms. He started desending to the ground where raced to his car. He laid her in the back seat and raced to the driver's seat hoping that no one saw him. Screeching the car's tires, he turned north down the following street to his apartment. His plan didn't go quite the way he hoped for, but all he really cared about was getting Project 06 in his possesion.
"How were you able to save me?" Alysa faintly asked, covering her bullet wound with her hands.
Tossing a couple of towels her way, Jotham replied,
"By jetpack, obviously."
"That's not what I mean. The odds of you being there at the right time, jumping out of your car, and flying to save me are next to impossible." She stated.
Jotham couldn't reply. Surely she'd find out what his intensions were with her. To buy himself some time he tried avoiding the question,
"Get some rest, you're too weak to talk right now."
After pulling his car into a secret alley, Jotham carried Alysa to his apartment where he applied bandages to stop the bleeding. He immediatly called one of his friends who was studying to become a doctor. His friend secretly came over to tend to the young woman. After his friend left, Jotham locked the woman in a secret room without windows to keep her from escaping. Exaughsted to do anything, Alysa decided to rest for the rest till the morning of the next day. Squinting his eyes from the sunlight entering the windows, Jotham awoke to see a shadow coming between him and the light. Startled, he fell off the other side of the bed when he realised that it was Alysa. The young woman hopped over the bed to where he was. Grabbing him by his thick biceps, she pinned him on the wall so that his feet were dangling in the air.
"Wha.... How did you,"
"Funny, the hinges were on my side of the door." Alysa interupted. She spun him around and pinned him to the ground to interrogate him on of few things.
"How did you know that I was going to jump out the window." she started.
"I didn't know, honest." Jotham replied.
"Then why would you save me, throw me in your car, and then take me back here, instead of the hospital?" Alysa inquired.
Looking for a quick excuse, he responded, "Because, uh, I figured if the city knew that you were taken to the hospital, they might think that you wouldn't be capable of cutting down crime on the city?"
"Lousy excuse. You don't even make it sound like you believe it yourself." She dug her nails into his neck, forcing him to tell his plan.
"Ok, ok. I'll tell you, just ease up a little. A few months ago, when I heard of a project that would cut back on crime, I figured that I could steal it and hold it for randsome. I used my cloaking device to sneak into the base, steal the blueprints for the building structure and the security set up. I also stole some stuff that I sold on the black market for some quick cash. After that, I deactivated the security system in the southwest stairwell to make my getaway. I went back a couple more times and planted a device in your room that would shutdown electricity in your room, that way, you could escape. I tracked you all the way through the building, and when I saw you jump out of the window, I had to save you." Jotham confessed.
"So you're the reason I aquired these wounds. I would to kill you, but I guess I can use you to hide me." Alysa remarked.
Alysa was about to continue when she heard squad cars in the distant heading their direction.
"Grab some clothes to change into, we need to leave now. Don't ask why." she oredered.
He hessitated at first, but he figured that it would be better to listen to her than anything else at that moment. While Jotham was searching his drawers for clothes, Alysa lifted the window and rolled out onto the fire escape.
"Speed it up a little." she said impatiently.
"I have to grab my cloaking device" he replied.
"Get it fast, we don't have much time."
After grabbing the cloak, the young man, wearing only a beeter and sweatpants, climbed out the window and rushed up the fire escape behind her. Hearing the wailing sirens nearing the apartment, his heart began to race. Quickly, he hopped up the ladder and onto the roof. With the wind fircely blowing, Jotham tried to keep his balence while running as fast as he could. Skidding to the edge of the building, Alysa whipped out a smooth metal pole that snapped open to form a grapling hook. She attached the hook to a storage rope located in her lower torso armor and started swining the hook in a clock-wise motion. Aiming for a metal beam on the office building to the north, Alysa released the hook from her grasp. After the hook was secure, she yelled above the wind to Jotham.
"Hold on tight."
"You must be joking." skiddishly he wrapped his arms around her waist and hoped for the best. Alysa leaped off the building and smashed full force through the crystal glass. Alarms throughout the building were set off, alerting security that an intruder had entered the building.
" I'll be right back, don't leave" she said as she snatched the cloak from him.
"Hey! Where do you think you're going with that?" Jotham questioned.
"You want these cops off our trail right?" She said in the distant. Dashing down the hallway, Miss Mullens flicks the switch to activate the cloack. Invisable, she dodges the office workers in the sunlit hallways as she makes her way to the fire escape on the east side. Throwing herself over railing after railing, Alysa quickly makes her desecnt to the newly laid asfault below. Imprinting her footprints into the ground, Alysa begins running to the apartment complex that Jotham lived in. Vaulting over the nearest police car, Alysa soars through the air onto the sargent 20 feet away. Knocking him unconsious, she rises to an attack position and strikes the next cop with brute force. One by one, she took them down, leaving them dazed and confused as to what hit them. Once all the cops were down and handcuffed, she began immobilizing the police cruisers by slashing their tires with an nine-inch dagger that was installed in her armor. Jogging back to the office for Jotham, Alysa glanced into the alley between the apartment and office. She turns her head toward the alley between the office and apartment buildings, noticing a white male dressed in a club shirt and khaki pants heading opposite of her direction. Hot on his trail, security guards were demanding that he halt, or else they'd take extreeme action. Sharply, Alysa jerked her body in thier direction. Still cloaked, Alysa grabbed a rusted metal pipe and began rushing towards the two security guards. She slightly raises the pipe and slams it into the back of their heads in the most oppertune time. Hearing the metal pipe echo as it bounces on the pavement, Jotham quickly spins just as the female regains her normal appearance.
"Come on, we need to get out of the city, fast." She yelled foward.
"I know a place we can get to. It's just outside the city limits." Jotham replied, catching his breath.
"It's on Pate and Washington."
"I know where it is. Let's 'borrow' that motorcycle in front of Smitty's Bar." she suggested, pointing at the black and yellow two wheeler with the "For Sale" sign plastered to the window.
"How are we supposed to steal it if we don't have any key's?" he questioned.
"I'll worry about that. All you need to worry about is hopping on the back when I get it." she said suggesting him to hide behind the nearby cars.
Bursting into the bar, Alysa demanded to know who owned the sporty motorcycle just outside. A short middle-aged man wearing glasses approached her with the key's in hand.
"Were you interested in the motorcycle?" he asked with a squacky voice. Bending over with a sarcastic grin on her face, she replied,
"Why yes, I thought I'd like to take it for a test drive."
Blindly, the fat man waddled his way to the bike. Alysa threw her leg over the bike and inserted the keys into the ignition. As the little man attempted to hop on the back, Alysa grabbed him by the shirt and placed him on the gound.
"Not, this time, pops." she said, starting up the engine.
"Wha... what are you doing?" the man asked as he clung to his possesion.
"Jotham, get over here, now." Alysa yelled.
Running to the motorcycle, Jotham wipps a bundle of cash out of his pocket and hands it to the oversized man. Apologizing for her behavior, Jotham tells the man that it should be enough to cover the cost of his loss. Happily, the man counts the bills as he chuggs back into the bar. Using her built in map, Alysa determins the quickest route to the hotel. Pulling onto the deaccelleration ramp the wrong way, she pushes the accelerator to it's max as she weaves in and out of oncoming traffic, passing cars with only inches to spare.
"The steering is jammed, I can't steer!" she screamed as they aimed for a large semi.
Holding the bike with one hand, Alysa uses her other hand to pull out her grapling hook.
"What do you think you're doing? Are you insane!" Jotham exclaimed.
Launching into the air, the hook latches onto a metal pipe underneath an overpass. Alysa yells at her partner to hold on as tight as he could. Swinging into the air, the two narrowly escape being impailed by a truck. Jotham watched as his expensive investment was blown into a million pieces.
"I'm starting to think you're costing me more money than it's worth." Jotham stated.
"And I'm sure that the money you gave him was all money that you earned honestly."
Jotham didn't want to answer her. She was right, but it was so much easier to earn money his way. At 11:00 PM, they reached their destination where he booked a room for the night. Alysa, tired and dirty, decided to take a relaxing bath. Locking the door behind her, she started to peel her armor off her sticky body. Meanwhile, Jotham watched the late night news to see the latest developments in the case. The newscaster reported that a warrent was issued for both of their arrests, and if anyone had any information to call a number that appeared at the bottom of the screen. Five minutes later, breaking news was delivered to the reporter, saying that the FBI was given an annonymous tip that the couple booked a room in a hotel on the corner of Pate and Washington. Hearing the report, Jotham ran to the door and began beating on it to get Alysa's attention. Pulling her submerged head from the water, Alysa heard a fierce pounding on the door shortly followed by several gunshots entering the other room. The pounding instantly stopped. She quickly wrapped a towel around her body and wipped open the door.
"Jotham!" the young woman screamed as she stared at the trail of blood on the ground.

Chapter IV: Hi-Tech Break In

Hastily, she slams and locks the large oak door and strapped her armor back on. Climbing into the ceiling ducts, she looks around in the pitch black crawlspace searching for an escape. Dragging herself down one of the vents, she wonders where Jotham is. She saw the trail of blood, but where was he? Crawling to the end of the vent, Alysa forcefully kicks the bolted down grate into the woods behind the motel. Scanning the area with heat vision, she spots a crowd of officials stareing at her. Why didn't they shoot at her? As she lowers herself to the ground, a police helichopter pulls around to the backside of the building and targets its spot light on her. Hearing the sound of multiple guns ****ing, Alysa makes a split second decision to blitz for the woods. Dashing through bushes and around trees, Alysa hears the pattering of the helichopter's propellers. Looking up, she sees the light getting caught in the trees with only a few thin beams barely touching the ground. Alysa struggles to shake the light. It was as if the helichopter had a tracking device on her and it would stick with her no matter how much she tries to get rid of it. Impaled by an invisable force, she falls forward to the ground shreadding the palms of her gloves. Jotham, uncloaking himself, grabs a chip from the backside of her upper torso armor and launches it into the woods.
"Sorry, about that." Jotham apologizes as he liftes her from the ground.
"Sorry about what?" she shouts as they started running.
"You know I said that I tracked you back when you were in ELI? Well, I forgot to pull that chip out of your armor when I brought you back to my place. Obviously, the government found my laptop and have been tracking us. What I don't understand is, why would the news say they got an anonomous tip, when they had us tracked all the time?" Jotham yells back, lagging behind his female partner.
"Did you ever think that the government might not release that information? If they reported that we'd been tracked, we would have know to search for the tracker."
Dissapearing into the darkness, the two stumble across an old sewage system. Treading through the waist high water, Alysa tries encouraging Jotham into the dark tunnel.
"There is no way I'll be going in that water." he replied.
"Fine, do as you will. Atleast I won't be the one getting captured by the swat team."
"Alright. But if I get any diseases, you're at fault." Jotham said as he climbed in the murky water.
"Me, at fault? Who was the one who planted the chip on me?" She snaps.
"Well, ah...." He searches for something to come back at her. "Anyway, I was thinking that we should head to Chicago." He suggests.
"Why Chicago?" Alysa questions.
"My boss' company is located there, and I'm sure we'll be able to hide there. For a while anyway." Jotham answers, reaching in his pocket for his flashlight.
"Where did you get that from?" she questions.
"I picked it off one of the guards when I left the hotel." the young man replies sweeping the light side to side. Noticing a long slender object skimming the serface of the water in the sewer, Jotham focuses the light in it's direction. The instant the light hits the object, it disappears underwater. Franticly, he searches for the creature. His sweaty plams release hold of the black flashlight, letting it plunge into the water. Reluctantly, he reaches into the water in attempt to grab it. Just as his hand hits the water, the creature pulls it's face into the dim light. It quickly slithers past him into the darkness, waiting to strike. Screaming in horror, Jotham yanks the submerged flashlight from the water and runs forward to Alysa.
"You big baby" the young woman mockes.
"You wouldn't be saying that if you saw it." he replies as he swallows hard.
Wading through the water, Alysa draws near to the coiled creature. She pulls out her dagger and readies herself for anything that may come her way. The creature lunges at her with all its force. Clasping onto her neck, it refuses to let go of its prey. With no other choice, Alysa forces her knife through the creatures skin, chopping off its head. Thrashing about, the body of the creature splashes blood everywhere, staining the walls. Alysa unfastens the lock of the creature's head and drops it into the water. Drenched in blood, Alysa makes her way to Jotham.
"Are you ok?" She asks.
"What do you mean, 'are you ok'?" he sharply responds.
"Wouldn't want you getting any nightmares now would we?" Alysa replies as she smears the blood from her hand across his face.
Alysa and younger partner journey through the sewer for a couple miles where it opens up to the edge of a corn field. They dash through the field with the razor sharp leaves slashing at their skin. Reaching the grassy yard of the farm, Alysa glances over to a dark patch of thick brush where a 2019 year truck sat with a sleeping man in the driver's seat. Her observation is interrupted by Jotham offering a nearby hose to her.
"What were you looking at?"Jotham asks, handing the green mangled hose to her.
"There's a pickup in the brush to the right. We can use it to get to Chicago." she replies rinsing the blood from her body.
Ripping the door open, Alysa wads the chest area if his shirt with her right hand and throws him down to the dusty ground. Startling the man awake, she demands the keys to his truck. The man pulls a single silver key out of his jeans pocket and hands it to his attacker. Tossing the keys over the side of the truck, Alysa orders Jotham to start the vehicle. Hopping in the car, he jams the key into the ingnition and turns it to start the truck. Alysa hopps in the back of the pickup truck as her partner drives away. A few miles down the road, Jotham notices several red flares lighting the road. He rounds the bend where he's greeted by a police cruiser blocking the path. Pulling to a stop, Jotham askes the officer if anything was wrong.
"There have been reports two young people, a man and a woman, running from the law." Suspiciously, he asked, "You haven't seen anything weird around these parts, have you?"
"Can't say that I have, officer." Jotham replied.
As the officer was about to dismiss them, a report came in on his radio.
"There are reports of a stolen vehicle that was last seen heading east on Saint Ivory rd. The plates of the vehicle are SVT-702. The witness claims that there was a man and a woman. The woman is believed to be the stolen project from ELI."
Immediatly, Jotham squeals the tires of the stolen truck and races down the small two lane road. Officer David Thatcher hopps in his cruiser and is quickly in persuit of the two fugatives. He orders Jotham to pull the truck over and threatens to use force if nessesary. Ignoring the threat, Jotham tries pulling away from the police vehicle. Ramming the back end of the truck with the cruiser's ram rack, the cop tries forcing the car off the road. Alysa, tossing the canvas sheet off her body, reaches for the shotgun the owner kept there. Bracing herself, she slowly stands and fires at the cruisers tires. Blowing out the front left tire, she reloads the gun and aims for the second tire. Her balence is thrown when Jotham jerks the steering wheel to avoid an obstacle in the road. Grasping onto the edge of the truck in one hand, Alysa holds on for her life while trying to keep the shotgun in her other hand. She tosses the gun into back and pulls her upper body above her hands. Rolling into the truck, she grabs the shotgun firmly into her hands and fires at the second front tire. As his cruiser lost it's second tire, the officer halts to a stop and calls for backup.

Darkness fell across the Chicago area as the two entered the city in the stolen vehicle. The last rays of sun light bounce off the mirror windows of office buildings as street lights begin to illuminate the area. Ditching the old truck in an alley, they lurk in the shadows of alleys toward the facility. A city block away from thier destination, Jotham informs her of the location of all the guards and their patrols.
"As soon as I take out the first guard, I'll list off a series of numbers to you, via the guards two way radio. I will be changing the frequency of the radio to prevent other guards from getting the message. The numbers I list to you will be entered into the key pad by he garage. Once the garage door opens, run in to the left and then around the corner to the right. You will be taking one more right at the next chance. Run to the door and wait. You will see three lights above the door. Wait until the first and last lights are red and the middle one is green. If the lights are any other combination, don't enter unless you want to set the alarms off. Finally, run to the room called the 'Central Room' that's straight down the hall. There will be a couple guards there that you'll need to take out before you can shut down all the power. After they're down, enter the same numbers that I listed off into the computer and shut off all power throughout the building. It's imparitive that you leave the room immediatly. The central room, along with a few others, have doors built to lock if a power outage occurrs. From there, run up the stairwell to the right. Meet me at the top floor."
Reaching the building, Jotham traces outdoor watchmans route around the building into the alley. Launching off the green dumpster to his left, he lunges out of the darkess and impales the guard with the brute force of his fists. Yanking the still body into the darkness, Jotham nimbly pulls the man's wallet out of the back pocket. She quickly enters the numbers listed to her into the keypad. Applying the cloak she dashes into the garage, making her way to the door connecting the garage to the facility. Skidding to a stop, Alysa watches the set of lights above the door; all three were red. Wasting no time, she tears the metal cover off a small metal box with a pipe running to the door. Splicing wires in half with her platinum knife, she disables the security system to the door. As she flings the door open, lights throughout the basement black out, making the surroundings difficult for an intruder to progress. Switching her vision capabilities to better suit the enviorment, Alysa races at full capacity to accomplish her goal before the building goes into a complete lock down. She slides through the heavy metal door as it prepares to bolt shut. The woman finds two guards equipped with the state of the art eqipment, allowing them to track her movements by the electricity she generates. Sliding out if it's sheath, the knife drops in her hand awaiting use. Wrapping her fingers around the blade handle, she lashes her ber body in a clockwise fashion, driving the blade to her rivals throat. Whipping from a readied position, the guards arm locks with hers, hindering her from finishing her maneuver. Proceeding to counter the move, he kicks the feet from under her, casting her to the ground. Rolling onto her back, Alysa joins her feet together, propelling them over her head into the guards chin. Promptly, she jumps to her feet and lunges her blade into the stomach of the second guard. Ripping away from the body, the blade is followed by a gush of blood, splattering on the floor. Alysa raises her knee to her chest and thrusts her foot into the bloody gurard's chest. Filled with rage, the first guard whips out his pistol continuously firing at the impelling target. Alysa, dodging the projectiles aimed at her, flings the sharp platinum object at her enemy's heart. The guard shifts his body, watching as the blade skims past his black shirt and cuts through the surface of the wall. Drawing close, the female throws her left forearm into his wrist, knocking the pistol from his hand. With her right hand, she slams the base of her palm at the underside of his nose, instantly breaking it. Stunned the guards tries to regain his composure from the blow. Alysa grasps the gun from the floor and swings the butt of it at the back of her rival's head, taking him out of action. Quickly, she rushes to the main computer and begins typing the password into the database as one of the guards calls for backup. She locates the program a few seconds later and shuts down all power. The lock from the door releases its hold allowing her to pass through it. Everything went silent. The sound of the guards rushing about stopped. It was all too eerie for Alysa. Why did the door unlock? Jotham said that she'd be trapped once she entered the room. Would he lie to her like that? Things didn't make sence. Despite the silence, she pulls her blade from the wall and departs from the room, blitzing to the stair well. Racing up floor after floor, the young woman reaches the top floor where she was to meet up with Jotham. Scanning the floor, Alysa finds no traces of her partner. Turning off the clock, she returns to normal vision and slowly begins walking down the dark, abandoned hallway. She walks to the main sector of the top floor and looks up. The window was divided by several metal polls joined at the middle rested atop the building, allowing the moonlight to shine though. As she walks to her right down the corridoor, he paces get smaller and smaller. She nears the windows to search the streets below. On the ground, hundreds of evacuees flooded the streets. Officers parked their squads in front of the facility to block anyone from entering the building. Pulling around the building, a helicopter aims it's searchlight into the skys****er hunting for the young woman. Whipping her body around, Alysa is greeted by a dark, massive figure standing 10 feet from her. Two rays of light appear from the dark body lighting up the figure. It was confirmed in her mind, this firgure was not human. It charged at her, attempting to knock her out the window. Vaulting off the wall to her left, Alysa reaches for the cloak attached to her upper torso armor. It wasn't there! She looks down at the grounded cyborg where she notices that the cloak was in the hands of the cyborg. She watches as it turns the device on and vanishes from everyones sight. Feeling the brute force of a ton of metal forcing itself into her, Alysa flies past the main sector and through an office wall, shattering the glass coffee table on the other side. The fragments of glass falling off her body, she pulls herself from the metal table frame. Instantly, she rolls feet first through the glass window as the cyborg rips through the whole in the wall. She stumbles under the large blue tinted window and struggles to pull her grappling hook from it's slot. The hook glides through the air and smashes several of the windows on it's way around one of the metal support polls. Alysa scales the rope when she notices the cyborg advancing from the office room, creating another hole in the wall. The rubble crumbles around the invisable figure and scatters around the room. Rushing up the rope, she makes it to the halfway mark when she's suddenly jerked to the ground. Bending the frame, glass rains down to the floor behind the young woman. Covering her head from the flying particles, Alysa bounces a few inches from the marble floor, bruising the right side of her body. A split second later, a hunk of metal strikes her in the back of the head. Leaving the lifeless body for dead, the cyborg reports to officers of the downed target and stands in front of the windows overlooking the crowd of people.

Chapter V: Betrayl

"Mommy! Mommy, wake up" the little five year old girl shouted as she trotted to her mother's bedside. "You have to come and see what Santa brought me."
Alysa woke up to see the little girl standing right in front of her. Throwing a robe over her white pajamas, Alysa trails behind the little girl down the stairs to the living room. As she entered the room, she saw the lit Christmas tree standing tall in the middle of the room. Dozens of presents were laying under the tree. The five year old stood in front of the gifts wondering which one to open first.
"What would you like for breakfeast?" She asked her daughter.
"Krispy Rice cereal, please!" The girl politely responded.
Turning on the kitchen radio, Alysa opened the cupboard and searched for her daughters favorite cereal.
"Honey, I can't find it upstairs, I go check the pantry in the basement."
Too involved with her presents, Alysa's daughter didn't pay attention to her mother's words. After opening all her gifts, she pulled her new doll out of the stack and walked around the house to search for her mother. Slowly thumping her feet down the stairs to the basement, the girl saw her mother hovering over her father's body. Her mother was holding his head, just staring at him.
"Mommy, what's the matter?" she started with a little wimper. "Mommy? Mommy!"
The little girl ran upstairs and put her pink boots on. Throwing her jacket around her little body, she opened the door and ran to her neighbors house. Pounding boith of her fists on the large oak door, She screamed waiting for someone to answer. Finaly, a little old lady came to the door.
"Somethings wrong with my daddy." she cried. "My daddy was lying on the ground and my mommy was kneeling next to him."
Immediatly, the old woman called the cops. Within minutes the police arrived on the scene. The barged in the door searching every room of the house. A couple of the officers cautiously walked down the stairs. Once Alysa was in their view, they ordered her to step away from the body. Still in shock, she reamined beside her husband. Cops handcuffed her amd peeled her away from her husband's side. As they escorted her to the backseat of the police car, Alysa caught sight of her daughter standing in the window of her neighbors house.
"You can't take my daughter away from me!" Alysa screamed. "She's mine!"
She broke away from the officer's hold and started running toward her daughter. The officers quickly sedated her by putting a mask filled with a sleeping gas over her nostrills and mouth. A few second later, she blacked out.
The next thing she knew, she was sitting in a lab. A young scientist entered the room and introduced himself as Will Burkheart. He talked with her about an operation that would be the only thing that was keeping her from death row. Only one thing was firmly on her mind, her daughter. She asked him if her daughter would be able to see her again, just once, so her daughter could see that she wasn't dead. He responded gently and positivly to her plea, giving her hope. After he ran some basic proceedures, she went in for her first operation. They gassed her so she wouldn't see or feel anything during the sugery.
Jolting awake, Alysa feels her sore body throbbing with pain. She realizes that she was dreaming, but they seemed so real. It couldn't have been her memory, it was erased. Lifting her head, she sees the cyborg standing in front of the window. Holding the cloak in its right hand, the cyborg assures the police that it's safe to enter the premesis. She knew she had to retrieve it from him if she wanted to escape safely. Slowly rolling to her back, she tried to keep from getting punctured by any more glass. Clutching the rope from the grapling in one hand, Alysa hoists herself in the air with the unstable frame slightly shaking. She sways above the shattered glass, attempting to land beyond it. As the tips of her feet silently touch the green marble floor, she crouches and begins to creep up on her rival. Quickly, she latches her left arm around the right side of it's neck and bending him backward in a headlock. Ripping the device from it's grip, she throws the cyborg back into a standing position. Instantly, she attempts to plant her feet into it's back. Whipping around, the cyborg slams his arm into the woman, knocking her aside. Picking her up, he hurls her into the wall across the hall, leaving an indentation of her back side behind. Collapsing to the floor, Alysa lay there for a brief second until she notices an open compartment in her upper left thigh armor. In it, a small handgun rested, awaiting deployment. Applying pressure to her opposite thigh armor, Alysa discovers another compartment complete with a second handgun. Whipping the twin pistols out, she throws her feet over her head and lands in a standing position. Rapidly, the bullets soar through the air, penetrating the robots armor into it's computer mainframe. The cyborg slams into the ground, cracking the marble top. Motionless, it lays as the woman blasts a couple more clips of ammo into the machine. Slowly, she creeps up to the body to retrieve the cloak. Keeping aim with her left pistol, Alysa hosters her right weapon and extends her right hand out to the exposed wires. With a jolt the cyborg clasps his hand around her wrist. The young woman repedily pulls the trigger of her handgun gun, shooting at the heart of the robot. As it releases it's hold, she yanks the wires from it chest, sending it into convulsions. Holstering her left pistol, she thrusts her foot into its head sending the hunk of metal flying off the body. Grabbing its upper torso, she canapults the malfunctioning robot to the crowd below. The ruthless woman watches as the screaming crowds of people break apart, running from the impact point. Upon collision with the assphalt, the cyborg explodes, throwing fragments of burning metal into the air. Black smoke flooded the area as Alysa atempts her escape. She retrieves her grapling gun from the main sector and immediatly dashes to the elevator. Guards burst through the doors as she wedges her fingers between the cracks of the elevator door. Dragging it open, she jerks her head down at the stationary elevator on the second level of the basement. Spotting the closing door, one of the guards calls for backup in the basement sectors. Quickly descending down the elevator shaft by repelling down the cables, Alysa drops onto the elevation unit and immediatly begins prying open the first basement elevator door with her grapling hook. Slidding her body through the small opening, she scans the pitch-black underground parking lot. The garage quietly echos her footstepps as she cautiosly sneaks foward to the was in front of her. Pressing the back of her body next to the wall, she slowly creeps to the corner near the exit. Peering around the corner, she defines several armed dark figures squating behind their emergancy vehicles. Instantly light is regenerated throughout the building. Startled, she jerks her head back. Again she peers around the corner, noticing a glass stairwell with a sign on the door saying, "Door on alarm". Pulling her head around the corner, she slides into a sitting postion. Looking at her built in map, she notices an emergancy lock-down button, located in the parking booth. Just past the booth, a small vent, hidden behind a dumpster, led outside the complex.
"This could get messy." she mutters as she pulls her pistols out and ****s them into position. Aiming at the emergancy lock-down button at the top of the garage, she fires a single shot that is sent sailing through the air. Slamming into the red button, the bullet sends a shocking force that causes it to activate. Instantly, guards rush under the closing door, searching for their target. Directing the police away from the door, she blitzes down the lot, dodging parked vehicles and other obstacles in her way. She skids to a halt in the middle of the parking garage awaiting the officials. Police forces were ordered to close in on her from all directions.
"Halt!" One of them yelled. "Drop the weapons and get on your knees. Keep your hands in the air."
Guards swarm around her from all sides as she kneels to the cold pavement. As she slowly placed the weapons of the ground, she whips her right hand to the device and turns it on. Quickly holstering her weapons, she jumps into the cememnt rafters, bracing her hands and feet between two beams. Alysa quickly scampers above the baffled guards and silently drops onto the ground, directing herself back to the closed garage door. Pulling out her pistols, she snatches the attention of every guard as she impailes a couple of bullets into a nearby SUV. The young woman kicks open the door of the stairwell, setting off the alarm. Turning around she ducks behind the dumpster and ripps the vent cover from its position. As the guards ran up the stairwell, she made her escape through the vent into a nearby alley. Hidding in the shadows, she searches for a place to hide. A couple miles from Dapham, she notices a run down apartment complex that had several vacancies. Jostling the door knob, she entered through the back door and climbed up the stairs to one of the empty rooms on the eighth floor. Picking the lock, she opened the door to find the room partly furnished with a tv, couch, refrigerator,and bed. She turned on the tv to watch the nightly news. The reporter was standing in front of the Dapham Inc., giving the latest on the current situation.
"It is belived that Project Number 06, escaped from ELI Inc., located in New York, and traveled with a hostage down to Chicago, where she broke into this building behind me. With me, I have Jotham Kunter, the man who she held hostage. Now Jotham, what exactly happened?"
"I was driving home from a club in downtown New York, when through the downpour, I saw this woman standing in the middle of the road. When I stopped the car, she jumped in and demanded I do everything she said. After a while, I was able to lure her to my empolyer's corperation, Daphum Inc. From there I contacted my boss who then later tipped off the police. However, despite all efforts, she seems to have escaped."
"He betrayed me, that jerk!" the words from Alysa were filled with anger. Why would he betray her like that? What did he gain from it all? Tired and confused, she decided to at best get some rest. Lying on the bed, she wondered what was going to happen. She couldn't run forever, she would have to give up sometime. This wasn't the time. She had to stay on the run; figure things out. Slowly, the African-American drifted off into sleep.
Rushing SWAT team squadrons outside a 100 meter parimeter around the complex, Genral Kieth Green set up plans of execution. A anonymous tip gave the government reason to believe that Alysa Mullins had spent the night in the Oakridge Apartments after her break-in at Dapham. Genral green ordered the men to watch the eighth story window and to notify him if any activity occoured. After staking out the surrounding area for nearly an hour, evidence began to arise that there was an individual living in the supposed empty room.
"Sir, water is running into that room. We believe that the suspect is in the bathroom." One of the young men reported.
"Stay on hold." Ordered the grey-haired genral.
Ten minutes later, a rough voice came from the two-way radio, "Genral Green, Sir! One of our men has spoted the suspect walking toward the south window. She glaced out the window, and quickly retreated. The I.D. is positive, it is, in fact, Alysa Mullins."
"She knows we're here, move in!" Gen. Green demanded.
Instantly, the emergany evacuation switch had been pulled, alarming all residents to leave the building. In panic, mobs of people dashed down the stairwells, hindering the interior advance of the SWAT team. Since all elevators throughout the building were under lock-down, forces were also ordered to scale the exterior of the building and enter in at various floors.
"The south elevator has been released from the lock-down, stop it's assent immediatly!" a private yelled to his collegues.
"Initiating lock-down sequence 2." one of the other privates yelled as he ran the second lock-down proceedure.
Stopping at the top floor, all doors and emergancy hatches bolted shut. Remaining forces that moved in via helechopter were placed on the roof of the complex. Rushing to the elevator door, the team commanded to disengage the locks. As the elevator door slid open, the only thing that resided within was manilla evelope with a sentence scribbled on the back of it.
"Sorry, boys, you can't always expect things as they seem. Next time, search lower."
The men reported their findings and continued to search the building for their suspect. No evedience turned up as to where she went to, except for the clue she gave about her direction.

Sitting in his newly refurnished office, Gregory Rishaw clutched his television remote in his right hand, scanning through news television stations. Something caught his attention. There were reports of Alysa using a cloak to escape from Dapham. Thinking back to months prior, Mr. Rishaw remembered that someone had used a cloak to penetrate the security of ELI. It seemed to close to be just a coincidence. Immediatly, Mr. Rishaw researched the man whom everyone thought was just a hostage.
"Well, Mr. Kunter," Gregory said to himself, "you are now in my hands."
As he gathered all the data onto a small disk, his secretary ran into the room.
"Mr. Rishaw, we have an urgent call from the hospital."
Leaping from his leather chair, the president snatched the phone into his hands. It was devistating news, the cancer in his wife spread throughout several areas of her body. She wasn't expected to live for too much longer. After hanging up the phone, Gregory dashed over to his secret vault. Pulling the rustic artifact from the safe, he run his fingers across the metal surface of the large cross shaped object. Dropping it into his briefcase, he called for his limo to immediatly rush him over to the New York Memorial Hospital. In the limo, memories of his wife flooded his mind. He met her on June 8th, 2004 while visiting a doctor friend of his in the Phillipians. He was impressed by the girl's beauty and didn't hessitate to introduce himself to her. They had long conversations and grew almost inseperable in the coming months. Gregory was specially flown to her, when she became deathly ill. He was going to get her the proper care he thought she deserved. Upon arrival, the town's elder greeted him and dragged him aside. Revieling a cross shaped item from his pocket, the frail old man asured Mr. Rishaw that she was going to be alright without the aid of medical attention. With only the two of them and the young woman in the room, the elder gently laid the artifact on her chest. Instantly, life flowed into her body giving her strength to get out of bed. Gregory was a bit skeptical when it came to supernatural acts. Modern medicine was the only way that he believed would cure someone from their sickness, however, so long as she was cured, he didn't care. Three short years after that day, the two got married. For their wedding present, the elder gave the young man the cross that he used to heal her with.
"There is something you must know about her." The old man started, "When she was born, she was cursed with sickness. Despite anything we did for her, this artifact was the only thing that could help her. It has helped us greatly in the past with other people, but she needs it more."
"I don't know what to say." Mr. Rishaw stated in shock.
"Then don't say anything." The elder replied.
Briskly walking through the hospital halls, he wondered if the artifact would even work. Upon reaching her room, the woman's husband asked if he could have some time alone with his wife. Granting his request, the medical staff left the room. Locking the door behind him, he shuffled across the floor toward her.
"I brought it, honey" he softly spoke as he placed his briefcase on the table next to her. As he reached for the cross, the metal began to turn a bright green. As he placed it onto her chest, her heart rate significantly dropped. the humming tone of the monitor indicated that she was dead.
"No! This can't be happening. It was supposed to cure you."
Nurses began pounding on the door, asking for him to unlock it. They told him that if he didn't let them in, they wouldn't be able to resesitate her in time. With a million thoughts darting through his brain, he didn't know what to do. Plopping himself in the chair next to her, he put his hand onto her bald head. He laid his head by her side as the tears flowed from his face. Suddenly, he felt something covering his hand. He looked up in shock to see his wife's bald head growing hair. Her heart rate quickly picked up and she made a full recovery within seconds. Conceiling the cross back in his breifcase, Mr. Rishaw unlocked the door. Doctors were baffled at her amazing recovery and had no other option, but to release her. Upon returning home, Gregory called his office and told them that he wouldn't be returning to work for the rest of the week. Turning to his wife, he promised to take her to the opening night at the Bayside theater in Milwaukee at the end of the week, but first he had to aquired the tickets in Chicago.

As the clock neared 1 AM, Jotham Kunter pulled up to his penthouse in the middle of Chicago. Tired from the interrogation from the cops, he planned taking a quick shower and then headding off to bed. As the elevator assended to the top floor, He kept wondering how things would have been if he would have refused his boss' offer. Walking out of the elevator, he walked to his bathroom joined off his bedroom. Getting ready to take a shower, Jotham heard the squeek of his bedroom door; he knew that sound all too well. Quietly, he pulled an alluminum bat from the sink cabinets. Emerging from his bathroom, Jotham felt a cold metalic object pressed against his temple.
"Drop the bat and slowly walk over to the bed." The manly voice firmly demanded.
As Jotham sat on his bed, the man flipped the light switch to the bedroom.
"It was you who broke into ELI and stole my project, wasn't it." The man took a few steps closer.
"I don't know what you're talking about, sir." Jotham replied with a slight bit of fear in his voice.
"You used a cloaking device and planted a device to break Project 06 from the facility. Then, when you both ran, she took it from you, which she used to escape from Dapham. I got information from inside sources about you and your boss' company. From what I gather, Dapham is a pirating company and you are their top employee. Now, I can either bury you with all the evidence I have, or you can either help me get Alysa back," Mr. Rishaw threatened.
"I've betrayed Alysa once and I won't do it again."
"Yes, you will. I'm sure you know her every move. You're just waiting till you get the chance to see her. Mr. Kunter, I will do this with or without you." Gregory said as he ****ed his gun.
"Don't kill me." the young man pleaded.
"I'll give you by the end of the week to find and contact her. There is an opera at the Bayside theater in Milwaukee at the end of this week. Be there with her, or else." From his pocket, Rishaw pulled two tickets for the opera and tossed them onto the bed. "I expect to see you in your seats at opening curtin." Without another word, Gregory Rishaw left the penthouse and headed back to New York.

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