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tlr online
13-07-09, 02:38
Please join me in thanking Quasimodo for this pretty awesome introduction for new members on our forum. It's been converted into an announcement and I'm sure will continue to help folk just joining in discovering how to obtain the various features we offer. Thanks Q very much.

A guided tour of Tomb Raider Forums by Quasimodo (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/announcement.php?f=19)

13-07-09, 02:40
thats awsomeful :)

13-07-09, 02:41
Thanks Heather! :) Now get back to drawing, or knitting, or whatever it is you do! :p

13-07-09, 02:45
That was pretty cool :)
I liked the example post by Quasi :p

13-07-09, 02:47
Wonderful, now let's hope people actually read it. :p :tmb:

13-07-09, 02:48
Cool! :tmb:

13-07-09, 02:48
Hasn't that been there for years? O_o

EDIT: Ah, I was confused by what I thought was a 2006 post date. But still, I'm sure this has been around for some time.

13-07-09, 02:55
is there no end to this woman's genius?!

13-07-09, 02:59
Brilliant job Heather, it's really nice of you to do that. Kudos.:tmb:

13-07-09, 03:04
I couldn't resist the word "awesome http://img294.imageshack.us/img294/4061/emotawesome.gif"... It's neat :tmb:.

13-07-09, 03:08
Nice addition to the forums!:tmb:

13-07-09, 03:38
Oh wow this is great. Wish i had this when i first joined lol

13-07-09, 04:11
Awww, I'm blushing now :o Glad y'all like the tour :)

13-07-09, 04:12
It is a great addition :) really explains the forum well and how to socialise and stuff.

13-07-09, 06:00
Nicely done Quasi:) I'm glad there are forums like these... they must be rare, this is the only one I found that I like:p

13-07-09, 06:07
I wish I would have had this back when I first joined. Would have saved me from looking like a total n00b from the start :p

And maybe I could have figured out how to do things sooner
(I just figured out how to post an embedded link today :yik:)

13-07-09, 06:18
Sweetness! (psst: Takamotosan, I don't even know what that means. :p) Great work Quasimodo. :tmb:

13-07-09, 06:25
That's awesome!:tmb: Good job Heather!
It has helped me a lot in the past...with that youtube videos!:D

13-07-09, 06:29
Great job, but hasn't that been up for a while?

I'm sure I've seen it.

13-07-09, 06:32
Brilliantly put together and will help ease in many new joiners with minimal fuss and greatly reduce endless questions submitted by members on how certain things are done here on the forums.

Good job indeed. :tmb:

13-07-09, 07:02
nice job dude:)

13-07-09, 07:05
Great job Quasi! I'm sure all the new members will appreciate it! :D

13-07-09, 07:26
Fantastic work there Heather! It looks like you have spent a lot of your time and effort on this guide, I hope it is informative and helpful to new members. It's nice to see examples of members helping other members.:)

13-07-09, 07:31

It would be nice also to make this tour pop up in front of new members, for them to be allowed to post only after reading it and answering some questions based on it to verify if they have read. :p

-- Edit --
nice job dude:)

And BTW, Johnay, Quasi is a SHE (unlike me) :p

13-07-09, 07:35
lets test them:p

See if they are compatible with TRF:p:p:p:p

13-07-09, 08:33
Wasn't there a similar post before about that? I know that Simulation made some guides ages ago about posting images, I'm sure. Anyway, good work Quasimodo :tmb:

And hasn't this replaced the announcement that shows how many posts you need for each member title?

13-07-09, 09:02
Seems really good, making things simpler.

13-07-09, 13:19
Not to be a meanie, but...


Larger than 3,125kB? :p

Good work though :tmb:

Jack Croft
13-07-09, 13:21
^ nicely spotted ^

Nice for new members!

But i was expecting a **** take of the forum. :vlol:

13-07-09, 13:38
that looks awesome!

13-07-09, 14:01

Lara Croft!
13-07-09, 14:54
Hey, that's a great guide. Good job Quasi!:jmp:

13-07-09, 15:17
I think I told Heather she did a good job a good while ago when I saw it as a sticky. I hope more people will read it now that its an announcement - its worthy of being there. :tmb:

13-07-09, 15:24
Nice having a tour like that for new members. :)

Minty Mouth
13-07-09, 15:32
Its been online for a while now hasnt it? Nice guide Quazi :tmb:

13-07-09, 15:36
Thanks a bunch Heather!:tmb:

13-07-09, 16:53
maybe he/she should of added how to use the search function since not that many people know how to use it

13-07-09, 17:01
Well done Quasi!:tmb:

13-07-09, 17:08
maybe he/she should of added how to use the search function since not that many people know how to use it
http://www.tombraiderforums.com/announcement.php?f=13 ;)
But yes, it might be a good addition to the "Guided Tour".

And once again: Thank you Heather. :D

13-07-09, 18:36
Hasn't that been there for years? O_o

EDIT: Ah, I was confused by what I thought was a 2006 post date. But still, I'm sure this has been around for some time.

I thought this was already part of the New Members section? Anyway, its a very nice and considerate feature Heather :)

Omg Vista. Bias!!!

Yeah, where is the support for Windows 98 for crying out loud!? :mad:

13-07-09, 18:49
Thank you so much Quasimodo, this will help a lot to new members :)

13-07-09, 18:53
Its... funny :p

13-07-09, 19:01
Awesome, Quasimodo did a great job with it :tmb:

just croft
13-07-09, 20:28
Great work Quasimodo! :tmb:

da tomb raider!
13-07-09, 20:38
Wow, awesome job, Quasi! :tmb: