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13-07-09, 09:39
Hey all. I downloaded a levelpack, where you can access all the levels via new game, and I tried all of them and they all worked nice, but then, for no reason, whenever I tried to play one of them, the game crashed. Only the three first levels work, and it drives me crazy:hea: I tried to download it again and put in in different folder, on different drive, but still, only those first three levels work. This levelpack isn't finished yet tho, so it could maybe do troubles? Anyway, if any of you has an idea, I'll be very glad:D. Thanks

13-07-09, 09:54
Which level pack and where did you get it?

13-07-09, 10:08
The Beginning. Gecko sent it to me:)

13-07-09, 10:13
Would it be prudent to discuss this with Jackie then...?

13-07-09, 10:15
I did, he has no idea as well:(

13-07-09, 10:17
Then you must have ****ed something up along the way. Try isntalling it according one of the many, many, tutorials for installing custom levels... there's even one on this forum. In the FAQ section, Authored by Titak if memory serves.

13-07-09, 13:44
still doesn't work. I know I obviously ****ed up something myself, but I have no idea what. Jackie told me to not try the one level that doesn't work at all and I tried it and the game crashed, but I don't remember if the other levels didn't work already before that or after it. If after, could it be the cause?

16-07-09, 14:19
Please, there must be a way:(

16-07-09, 14:45
Please, there must be a way:(

Check you PM ;)

17-07-09, 18:22

I might have the solution.
Redownload the game and make an extra copy of it in another directory. (Just in case)

Place the game-folder on you desktop and run it from there.
Do nothing else with the download, otherwise it might get corrupt again.

When something does get wrong: you can always copy the game from the other directory.

17-07-09, 20:27
I think I've found a soulition check your PM and then PM

17-07-09, 21:18
Who needs to check his PM??

If you have the game, could you help me please...
I'm stuck... :p

17-07-09, 22:26
Why don't you just post the link to the file, so we can help? :pi:

18-07-09, 15:31
Jackie hasn't officially released his The Beginning levels yet. :rolleyes:
He is only giving it to people he wants to give it to.
So that would NOT make it right to go and post a public link to the download here.

All levels except one work for me. The one that does not work wasn't included in my download, so that makes sense.
I haven't played them in the correct order yet though.
I'm in the third level now. I'll report back here if somethign goes wrong when leveljumping to the fourth level. ;)

18-07-09, 15:43
Why do you think I'm asking for a link? ;)

I know that, I just don't get why this not public topic is posted here in a public forum and not in a test forum.

18-07-09, 16:10
I don't know either why this ended up in a public forum.
But it won't be alright at all to post a link to the download here.
I think it is up to Jackie to decide whether or not he wants to post a link anywhere public, or in a more private test forum. It's not up to us.