View Full Version : Puzzle,that you can always take!

13-07-09, 11:39
I want to make a complex puzzle.
Lara should be able to take a Puzzle_Done Object and then you can put it into the Puzzle_Hole again.
So that you can put the Puzzle into the Puzzle_hole and take it from the Puzzle_Done agian..
Is it anyway possible?

13-07-09, 11:41
yeah, just swap the PUZZLE_DONE mesh with the PUZZLE_HOLE mesh. Easy.

13-07-09, 11:48
Another way would be to edit the mesh so that it's double-sided (one side with the "Done", the other with the "Hole"), then change the animation so that it briefly shows the Puzzle is done, but then the hole becomes empty again.

13-07-09, 11:56
and whats about the Puzzle?
If i put it into the Puzzle Hole,iit will be a Puzzle_Done.
How can i make,that lara can take the puzzle again?

13-07-09, 12:00
Place the Puzzle object on the same square as the Puzzle Hole/Done, make it invisible, and set it to trigger underneath the puzzle done. It will appear after you've done the puzzle.

Sadly, you cannot reverse a PUZZLE_DONE to a PUZZLE_HOLE (yet?)

13-07-09, 12:12
Triggering an invisible PUZZLE_HOLE would do the trick no ? :s
And adding a flipmap for handling the new puzzle hole :D

13-07-09, 12:15
I guess that would do it. Another way to do it would be to have the object in an animating slot, and it pops out after the puzzle is done, lands on the floor where your object is triggered (a variant of the Coastal Ruins coin trick)

13-07-09, 13:06
Could have some more interesting variants: First do the normal puzzle inserting, then flip the room, and have the object, which was in the puzzle done slot in anothe puzzle hole slot. Then when pressing action again, a kind of reverse animation is started (via TRNG or may be object ocbs), where Lara takes the puzzle object out and into her bag and adding the puzzle object to the inventory using an appropriate TRNG or TREP-flipeffect. Or after the flip you have an object, you can break out with the crowbar!

13-07-09, 16:16
Triggering an puzzle hole from an invisible state will trigger the puzzle hole automaticly into the puzzle done state so this flipmap setup wont work.