View Full Version : AI better on XBOX version?

16-07-09, 16:04
is there a change in the AI in this version? I was playing in Kazakhstan, in the end of it when I was in the Tesla gun fluffy was trying to claw me allot, whereas in PS2 he just stays behind and does nothing when I'm in the Tesla gun. Is the AI improved for this version?

16-07-09, 16:07
Sorry, this was meant to be in the TRL section :o

16-07-09, 16:15
Sorry, this was meant to be in the TRL section :o

FAIL! :ton:

I reckon that it is :) same as the PC version. With the PS2 version they just stood there and fired at you, some would run behind things but other than that... they were doomed.

But on the PC and 360 versions, they all hide from Lara.. lol.

I'm talking about all enemies here. Maybe its the Next Gen that does it?

16-07-09, 16:36
Maybe its the Next Gen that does it?

I'm talking about the XBOX original.

16-07-09, 23:47
Maybe you just got lucky when playing on the PS2, I played Legend on PS2, Xbox, Xbox360 and PC and never noticed any difference in the AI. Sometimes Fluffy would behave sometimes he would be a pest, made no difference what platform you were playing on though.

17-07-09, 05:04
and also. In the XBOX version, when I fight Rutland in Ghana, he likes to run up to me and repeatedly slash the sword fragment at me, in PS2 he just threw grenades and occasionally tried to run up to me but not repeatedly slash me. And something strange happens on XBOX< in cutscenes you can see Rutland wearing black trousers, but when you fight him in Ghana he is wearing white sport trousers, then in the cutscenes before and after that, he is wearing black trousers. Is this a Glitch?

Uzi master
17-07-09, 06:54
more like poor programing, that or a graphical glitch since its lack on the PS2

18-07-09, 05:18
the textures also look a bit more smoother than PS2.