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17-07-09, 04:23
I just recently found this user on youtube who made these awesome lvel editor anims and they were almost as good as Geckokid's!!! her username is InsideAlexis and she said she won't release the anims though... :(

here is her account

17-07-09, 12:24

17-07-09, 12:57
I dont think theyre quite as good as Jackies... but theyre interesting, Ill give her that :tmb:

17-07-09, 13:08
Fantastic but pure show off... But awsome indeed !!!

17-07-09, 13:57
I like her underwater switch animation.
However, some of these animations have movements a bit too big.

The walk animation, Lara looks like a hooker the way she swings those hips!
The standing animation, it looks like Lara is dancing; not like she is gently swaying as she breathes.
Some of the movements need to be toned down a bit.

Not quite comparable to Geckokid's.

However, I give the girl Kudos for doing these animations, I don't have the know-how to create custom animations.

God Horus
17-07-09, 15:12
I don't know why we are all comparing them to GeckoKid's :o

I think they look really good and very fluid :D

17-07-09, 15:31
They're a little stiff (which is especially noticeable when slowed down) but they're not bad as a whole.

I don't know why we are all comparing them to GeckoKid's :o

cus he is liek teh bestest...so far. :tea:

17-07-09, 15:32
Already seen this...

Pure showoff but they're jaw-dropping... :( I'd love to have them. He is dork-sided, I tell you! :vlol:

17-07-09, 15:39
cus he is liek teh bestest...so far. :tea:

Tut tut, so passive agressive :tea:

/jks kthx!

20-07-09, 10:51
look at my face, does it look bovvered? i'm not bovvered tho.

it doesn't look too bad actually, i don't know why i'm being compared to either :B