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17-07-09, 11:00
I have problem with flipmap. When I save and load the game flipped room return to first state. I was having this problem with LE. Now I use NG and this problem is still be. What can I do? I saw in NG options - FLIPEFFECT for FLIPMAP, but in timer parameter FlipMap =31. This is limit of rooms which I can flipped? Maybe there is other way to solve a problem? :confused: help please

17-07-09, 11:38
There is a limit for different flipmaps.
But I can't tell where that limit is. I heard it is near 10.

But remember you can assign one flipmap number to more than one room.

17-07-09, 12:11
Yep, with the TRNG you can use 32 flipmaps (before 8). As Kevin said, you can use a flipmap also for several rooms.
I know this save problem also from the old editor. So it may be still present somehow.
How many flipmaps do you use in your level? How big is your level? What do you do in the flipmaps, which cause problems? If this problem persists, you have a lot of workarounds available, so that you donīt have to use them.

The thread should be moved to the NG section of the forum!

17-07-09, 12:21
I have 2 flipped rooms: number 85 and 86.

I change one of them on 20 and when I save / load game room 20 stay in FlipMap effect. However room 85 still doesn't work. I dont know what is a reason. I try find room for FlipMap which there will be working.

Raymond can you explain how to use Flipmap from FLIPEFFECT?

17-07-09, 13:15
The main reason, why this flipeffect is available, is, that you can export it into a triggergroup, because you canīt do it with the old flipmap-trigger. So there is basically no need to use it, except you want to have it in a triggergroup in the script. But there is also no problem to use it. Choose the number of the flipmap and in the Extra field you choose the type of activation, usualyy immediat activation or another option. Whatīs the problem?
What kind of flipmap do you have in room 85, a water flipmap?

17-07-09, 19:01
Thanks for explain it.
I put trigger HEAVY with FlipMap under rollingball. It's water Flipmap.
I change FlipMap room number from 85 for 15 nad it's working now. Empty room filled water and when I make save / load water still be there.

anyway thanks for help.