View Full Version : Is this possible?

17-07-09, 18:26
This is pure speculation but anyway, is it possible to make two pairs of dual guns, if you put the other pair in the revolver slot?

This could be used to make dual magnums, etc...

17-07-09, 18:29
I don't think so, if it was, I'm pretty sure ppl wuold have done it already:(

17-07-09, 18:33
I really want to have , double pistols, double uzis, double magnums and the shotgun in my game! Guess it cant be done! :(

17-07-09, 18:35
I don't?

But on trsearch there there are dual revolvers, but I believe that they are in the pistol solt?
Maybe you could take another pair of dual pistols but maybe put it in the uzi slot. But slow down the animation....