View Full Version : Microsoft are idiots.

30-09-04, 14:00
I dont care how much they are worth. Maybe they should spend some money on hiring someone with brains because any PC gamer would know it is sheer stupidity to put the windows key between ctrl and alt. I swear this is half the reason (the other half incomptence) that I keep dying in TR3, I keep accidently pressing the windows key instead of ctrl/alt.

tlr online
30-09-04, 14:16
LOL! It's the stupid "sticky key" feature that bugs me. In the middle of saving the planet, my game is rudely interrupted with the phrase "you appear to have pressed a key a number of times.."

Argggggg!!!!!! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/violent.gif

30-09-04, 14:25
To which you reply: "How bout I put my foot through your screen a number of times and then we'll see whose laughing." http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

30-09-04, 15:18
I'm not sure Microsoft had anything to do with where the key is on the keyboard.

You can disable it btw.

30-09-04, 19:06
You can disable it. Read this thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=11;t=001245) ;)

30-09-04, 19:16
Originally posted by joseph:
You can disable it. Read this thread (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=get_topic;f=11;t=001245) ;) Lol! very interesting... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

30-09-04, 20:56
ooooo I've experienced this problem myself so many times and always at crucial moments too! :( A difficult jump sequence and blimp I'm back on the bloody desktop!!! :D Will take a look at the thread referred to! ;)