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17-07-09, 23:46
Heres come an another foolish crappy thread by a big old child ho names him self Madtong...
When i was a little younger, there was no playstation, dreamcast or any like that, the pc games were fewan ad and not everyone could have a pc at home and so i played on arcade machines... A game that i always enjoyed and i still play sometimes on my pc ( i have Mugen installed and mame32 too ) is Street Figther 2, just love to kick some buts with that old Ken.. Well, oday i was thinking about thse days and a flash came out... It would be nice to have a game based on a mix of my 2 favs games, sf2 and Tr, a tr level with Ken as Lara, looking to save is teacher or Ryu for example, and some anims to substitute the guns by the fire balls he can trow out... It would be very interesting indeed... Any fool around? Not me, im still learning the basics and im beginning a huge work on my Project Mystery level but if someone feel the same way that me, it would be awsome to play that :tea::jmp:

21-07-09, 22:10
:jmp:Well, i think i made it!!! The most stupid thread on the forum!!! 3 days and no reply...Yeeees:tea::jmp:

21-07-09, 22:38
Yep,looks like this!:D
Beside the issue, if its stupid or not, please post such threads over in the main forum.;)

21-07-09, 22:42
Yes, on that you are truly right;)