View Full Version : Problem With My Wad

19-07-09, 16:13
I have a problem, i added a waterfull to my wad, saved it reloaded my objects in NGLE but its not there! But when i load it again in Wadmerger, its there! I even deleted it and nothing happened to it in NGLE!

Whats Going on? :mad:

God Horus
19-07-09, 16:16
Wow that's weird! But that happened to me before with a horizon.

This is how I fixed it:

close all LE programs
open wadmerger
delete the waterfall
save your wad
reopen your wad (just to be safe)
add the waterfall
save your wad
open the editor
load your PRJ
once again, manually load your wad just in case

And in should work. If it doesn't there is probably some weird issue going on :o

19-07-09, 16:21
Thanks it worked!! :hug: