View Full Version : Losing grasp in Ghana.

22-07-09, 19:47
After the rolling boulder sequence there is a rock that comes loose out of the wall. Here you have to be quick and jump sideways to avoid it.
When I make the jump sideways, I can't get a good grip and keep falling down..

Any tips how to make this jump work right?

22-07-09, 20:03
Hold Lara at the edge of the wall so she's swinging her arm towards the ledge, preparing to jump. Let her swing maybe once or twice and then jump?
Hope this helps :)

22-07-09, 20:27
It's at the front of the ruin climbing up, after the jump to the first pole. There's no time to swing at that point cause the rock above you is coming.. Isn't there a button to tighten grip or something. :D

And how does this guy(at 4.24) stand still upwards (AND TURNS!?) while swinging round a pole??


Edit; Got it!! O_o

22-07-09, 20:33
ok let me see where you are:)....

you just came out of the temple,after being chased by the giant boulder?:)

as I remember,you jump to the ledge and the rock above you comes loose,so right when you hit that ledge you jemp backwards and grab the swingpole.

on my version lara always looses her grip,you must press triangle(or whatever the action botton is on your platform or PC) and you should be fine:)

heres a quote from stellas walkthroughs:)

Position Lara facing the horizontal pole to the left of the exit from the TRAPPED HALLWAY. Jump to grab the pole. Swing around and jump to grab a handhold on the square column ahead. Traverse around to the left, jump straight up to grab a higher handhold, then traverse to the left again. Jump to grab the ledge behind. Jump straight up to grab the crevice above and then immediately jump back to grab the horizontal pole. This last jump must be done quickly to avoid the big rock that falls from above. Once Lara is hanging from the pole, she's safe. Swing and jump to grab the next horizontal pole. Jump from there to the ledge beyond