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23-07-09, 00:40

I was wondering if anyone knew if it was possible to make ONLY shots to the head killable?:)

so if you shoot the enemy anywhere else it wouldn't kill the enemy and you would just be waisting your ammo,unless you shoot them in the head?:)

could this be done by making all the other meshes have no collision?:)

23-07-09, 07:26
That would mean Lara (and anything else) could walk right through them.
It might work, but there is also collision on the animation frames, and they might have to be changed as well (every frame of every animation).
It might also affect their AI and how they are able to navigate around the level.

23-07-09, 13:10
didnt they do that in TRC when you use the HK in the Vtech Level
and the base where you shoot snipers at window with the DE and sight

23-07-09, 14:46
^but I don't think you shot their heads,but their glass head covers and then they died with a special animation or something...

I'll try removing collision from the other meshes first:)

23-07-09, 19:56
It would be really cool if you could figure it out. Good luck :)

23-07-09, 20:14
What about (if the enemie dosent move) putting a static shatter object at the same height as their head and then heavy trigger the baddy to play the dieing animation?

23-07-09, 21:35
^so you mean have him unlimited health and then have a special dying animation triggered when you shoot at the head mesh?:)

God Horus
24-07-09, 16:42
Sorry but I don't really think it is possible to get headshots to work. The head mesh is just a mesh, like the arms and legs. It might be somewhat possible considering how you can blow off skeleton heads, maybe in the future, but I doubt it :o