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Reckless Lara
24-07-09, 21:42
Well,let's all go back to the Nepal level in TRL, where Lara sees the plane wreck from above,she goes down,she kills the jaguar(or whatever) .Then if she steps a little,just a little on the plane's edge, Zip tells Lara to be careful and if she doesnt weight the egde down,in no time she will fall down with the wreck. Lara replies.

''Good advice Zip,you do look after me; and he goes
''YOU and Winston,he signes the checks''

It just doesnt make any sense.Zip should say ''ME and Winston''(supposedly the are the ones who take care of her) I just dont get it; .It maybe be very easy to understand but I just cant:o . Im sure there is a explanation and an answer,

Please enlighten me...

24-07-09, 21:44
Zip looks after Lara because it's his job, but also Winston because he signs the checks. :D It's a joke, because if anything happened to Winston Zip wouldn't get paid because Winston wouldn't be there to sign the checks.

24-07-09, 22:12
^Exactly. Though why Winston signs Zip's paychecks is a mystery. :confused:

Reckless Lara
24-07-09, 22:40
Oh i got it,:D ,thanks guys.That was very helpful:). Really thank you.:)