View Full Version : Making Enemies smoothly transform from 1 thing to another?

26-07-09, 14:00
I had a dream that when I shot down an enemy the fell on his back and when he got up he was angrier and uglier, and then when i shot him down again, he was bigger and uglier and more monstrous, and when i shot him down again he got up with a crazy super power to shoot fire from his mouth.

Is it possible to do this? making an enemies face transform smoothly and get bigger in size? Has this ever been done in a TR game? Right now I cannot recall, but I think it should be easy to make an enemy fall on its back after a specific number of shots, like Winston in tr3....

what if it was a home level, and when u shoot wintston down he gets angry and begins to transform into bigger and more dangerous creatures!!!!!

I wish i was a pro at this level editor stuff like some of you guys. My imagination precedes my abilities.

26-07-09, 15:36
I suppose you could try to do this with enemy meshswaps. I don't know how they work, though, and I don't know if they would work in a situation like this. This could be done using some simple cutscenes, I think...but I'm not exactly sure how to do that. If I ever figure it out you'll be the first to know.

26-07-09, 16:07
Transform smoothly?
Only if you would use a truckload of meshswaps I guess. :vlol:

However, multiple meshswaps are now possible with TRNG, so you should be able to make the enemie change.
And it is also possible to change the strenght and damage power of an enemie but I don't know if it can be done several times with one enemie.

Another thing that might work is to put different copies of the enemie in different slots. Trigger the first one, kill it and it dying triggers the next version of the enemie.
But then the new version won't appear where the first version died...
And making the same enemie work in different slots is quite a hassle too. :(

28-07-09, 00:14
maybe i could make shooting him down into a hole make a new enemy pop back up but you think its the same one. and then he can appear to transform again!