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01-10-04, 01:16

Thursday September 30 2:10 PM ET

James Bond's next mission will have to wait another day.

MGM has decided to push back the release date for the 21st 007 film from Nov. 18, 2005 until sometime in 2006, the studio confirmed Thursday.

"At the moment it doesn't look like we're going to make our start date just based on the fact that we haven't found a director yet," said an MGM spokesman.

According to the MGM rep, Bond's London-based producers Barbara Broccoli and Michael Wilson of Eon Productions were having trouble landing a director for the latest installment. It did not have anything to do with MGM's recent sale to Sony, as trade reports indicated, or with the previously rumored search for a new actor to play the titular agent.

With Bond 21, as it's been tentatively dubbed, set to start shooting in mid-January to make the targeted release date (Bond films traditionally are released during the holiday season), the studio says the producers decided to delay rather than rush into a directorial choice.

"We want to get the elements right and not be shoe-horned into a release date," the MGM rep said. "It just depends on when we find the next director and settle on him and how quickly we can ramp it up and go."

To meet a November release date, Broccoli and Wilson would have usually had a deal done by summertime to give the new helmer several months of prep time. But the this time around wasn't so easy, thanks to some adjustments in the direction of the 41-year-old franchise, which has grossed nearly $4 billion.

The Bond producers gave screenwriters Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who wrote the last two installments, a license to skip the increasingly outlandish special effects and gadgetry that marked recent adventures (can you say invisible car?) in favor of returning the superspy back to his Ian Fleming-inspired, character-driven origins.

Several filmmakers had been mentioned as possible candidates, including Snatch producer Matthew Vaughn, who recently made his feature directing debut on the British crime thriller Layer Cake, and Paul McGuigan, the man behind MGM's recent thriller Wicker Park who's next picture is the nourish gangster drama Lucky Number Seven.

One name apparently not in the running is Quentin Tarantino--even though the Kill Bill director has publicly lobbied for the job.

Tarantino even garnered the support of current 007 Pierce Brosnan. But that might not be worth much, considering the increasingly louder speculation that the four-time Bond may be on the outs with the franchise.

With no decision on a new director--or who will play the lead--Brosnan described Bond 21 as a project in "paralysis" in a July interview with Entertainment Weekly, adding, "I've said all I've got to say on the world of James Bond."

Of course, a Bond should never say never again. London's Sunday Mail suggested such talk was merely a negotiating ploy to secure a hefty pay raise above the $20 million he was already making, mainly gross points on the back end.

On Thursday, MGM declined to say whether Brosnan would return.

"Currently he's not under contract to play James Bond," the studio spokesman said. "Once we get a director then I think we can get into casting."

The 51-year-old Brosnan is the fifth actor to get the license to kill. He is also credited with rejuvenating what was a moribund franchise; his last entry, 2002's Die Another Day, was the highest grossing in the series, with $432 million in international ticket sales.

Despite that success, producers have hinted that they might roll back the clock on the secret agent and tap a more youthful star to appeal to younger audiences. Ewan McGregor, Jude Law, Heath Ledger, Orlando Bloom, Clive Owen, Eric Bana and Gerard Butler have all been mentioned as possible candidates for Her Majesty's Secret Service.

By the time a director is signed and a decision made on casting, Bond 21 isn't likely to hit theaters until at least summer 2006.


01-10-04, 01:22
i had no idea it even had a release date! o well better late than never i say.

i just hope they chose the best bond. i sware if orlando bloom or heath ledger is bond i am going to flip out! :mad: they will ruin the whole james bond by chosing the girly looking man! i mean come on. can you really picture orlando bloom as bond??? did you see him in troy! wow.. he definately looked out of place. i cannot imagine him as bond.. same with heath ledger..

ugh i want pierce back!!!!!!

02-10-04, 13:20
I'd love to see Brosnan do another one, but a 2006 release date probably rules him out. They'll want to start afresh with the entire cast if they're choosing a new direction for the series to go in.

02-10-04, 15:21
brosnan is definately out.. hes been out for a while now. i guess hes "too old" :rolleyes:

itll suck if they do a new cast. it was hard enough when Q was replaced. [may Desmond Llewelyn rip :( ]

Marcus T
02-10-04, 17:34
The official news was that Pierce himself quit, TRChik. It was based on an interview he made with Entertainment Weekly.

"Pierce Brosnan told Entertainment Weekly that he is quiting James Bond, "That's it," says the actor otherwise known as Bond, James Bond. "I've said all I've got to say on the world of James Bond."
Brosnan said that "Bond is another lifetime"...

However, one should never take such news at face value...

In an interview with LA Confidential magazine, Brosnan hit back at media reports that he has quit from his role and would never return to the tuxedo.

LAC: Pierce, you recently announced that you were finished playing James Bond…
PB: There was no announcement. I think the reporter heard it wrong. I think what I said was, “I’ve had my fill of talking about Bond.”

LAC: So there was not an official announcement that you were finished doing Bond films?
PB: It was not an official announcement.

It may be up to the producers of the film, and they have not been willing to comment on Brosnan's supposed rejection to return. After the Brosnan news went out, I did some reading around the net, and it seemed on the contrary, that Brosnan was still their first choice. I don't see why that would've changed over the past month or two. Not saying he's in... but he's not out either. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Source here (http://www.mi6.co.uk/news/index.php?itemid=1688&catid=2)

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